can i get pregnant even if underwear stayed on?

dear heather,
My boyfriend and I are both virgins, but we got a little carried away and we we’re kind of “wet humping” (stuff definitely came out of me… I’m not really sure about him). We both had on underwear, but he took his off from time to time to make it feel like we we’re really having sex without putting it in all the way. Now I’m worried about getting pregnant. I’m still a virgin since he wasn’t really in me and didn’t break my hymen, so could I get pregnant if we had underwear on?
You have a very low chance of being pregnant because there was no penis/vagina contact. The only way you can get pregnant is if he ejaculates and the semen gets inside of you. Being a virgin does not necessarily rely on your hymen breaking because that could already have happened from any number of activities. You’re still a virgin because you have not had penis/vagina contact — not because your hymen is not broken. Also, there is no real way to know that your hymen isn’t broken. It could have broken from gymnastics, swimming, sports, or a million other things.

You should not worry about being pregnant until you actually have sex, but if you feel like things are getting iffy down there when you’re dry humping or wet humping or doing any kind of humping, it’s best to have him put on a condom. You will be safer from STDs that way, too.

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  • kvd

    My friend and her boyfriend slept together last month…she had her periods on 13 last month… And then they stayed together..he did try to insert with condoms but they didn’t do the full act and then once with the panties on… She again had her periods In the same month on 27th … Can she get pregnant?

  • michel

    my boyfriend and i were dry humping.He had his innerwear on and i was naked.I am not sure if he entered me but i am sure he didnt it possible for me to get pregnant if he had residual pre cum in his underwear.Its been 15 days since the act and I am due for my periods on the 16th.I am not having any symptoms for my periods.Please enlighten me.Thank you!!

  • divya

    i was on my underwear n my b.f too was wearing his underwear n he touched my vagina with his dick n he was rubbing my vagina with his dick .. can i get pregnant pls help me out

  • Riya pandey

    If my boyfriend weared undearwear but i m not and he put little part of penis in my vagina still he weared underwear but me not so can i get preganent through this?

    • Nikzy

      U cnt my dear.

  • Aahana

    I n my fiancee tried having intercourse, it was a sitting position..he was wearing underwear I was not..once I got up I saw his sperms were pasted on his tummy…will I get pregnant? Pls advise

  • Bharti

    Plz tell.
    Yesterday I and my bf tried to have sex. I guess, he removed his innerwear from time to time to have a better feel. I had my underpants and trousers on but I could feel his dick in me from above d clothes and I got wet. Is it likely to get pregnant? I fear….

  • charanjeet kaur

    i also want to know somehitng similar…me n my bf had sex last evening..i was wearing my panties..but he wasn’t..still he was using a condom…he just put his penis once inside me..then his condom tore off..n he immediately stopped that act!…..i got my panties wet…i want to know can i get pregnant..?? plzz tell me something as soon as possible!! 🙁 m so scared!

  • nina

    if youre fully clothed but fooling around say outercourse is it possible for pregnancy? ive been so scared and paranoid

  • China

    Hello me and my boyfreind were in the car yesterday he pulled out his dick and we had sex I still had pants and underwear but I got really wet and idk if i could be pregnet

  • mary

    Hi I also need help ,my boyfriend and I just wanted 2 have some fun…I was still wearing my underwear but semen came out of his penis and on me …I think it only went on my underwear ,because he got me a cloth and we wiped it out …and now I feel that I could be pregnant ,could I be?….please reply I’m totally freaking out here

    • blank

      im kinda freaking out too but his penis went in me and we tried to get it out can I be pregnant if so whats the chances

    • mary

      there’s no need to be freakin’ out u are just fine

  • dre

    It sounds like there WAS penile/vaginal contact. If semen permeated the fibers of the panties (combined with her moisture, making it easier for the swim team to go up stream), she could be at risk of pregnancy. This is risky at best. There are ways to remain a virgin and have a physical relationship beyond holding hands. No judgement on the activities themselves, just wondering why people assume penetration is required for conception. Life will find a way and it doesn’t rely on perfect circumstances. Please be careful with your BF. If you’re saving your virginity for a good reason (I assume you are and respect you for it), don’t let a simple lack of scientific understanding make you vulnerable. Good luck, have fun, be safe 🙂