sometimes when i finger myself i get bacterial infections. is there a way i can avoid this?

Q: Sometimes when I finger myself I get bacterial infections. Is there a way I can avoid this?

A: Masturbating is perfectly healthy and safe, but there could be two things that are be going on.

1.) If you haven’t washed your hands before masturbating, it is possible that you are introducing bacteria to your vagina when you touch yourself. Plus, if you are using sex toys, it is also really important to keep them clean and wash them between uses because, like people, toys can pass bacteria.

2.) Masturbating can’t cause an infection, but sometimes introducing anything into the vagina can upset something called your PH balance. This might trigger a yeast infection. Yeast infections aren’t STDs and can be caused by a lot of different things including taking antibiotics and wearing synthetic underwear. They are also usually pretty easy to treat.

Your best bet is to see your health care provider and hear what she or he has to say. Though it might seem embarassing, doing so is a good way to figure out what is causing your problem!

Have you had this experience? If so, how did you deal with it?

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  • Angel

    Ladies, it is perfectly normal to mastubate. My only concern on the matter is cleanliness. As with all things sexual, you want to keep a clean environment. Wash your hands, sheets, toys, etc. before entangling into anything “naughty,” this will ensure that you don’t get an infection. Another thing, when you introduce anything new to your vagina there is a higher chance of disturbing its natural pH level which can cause a yeast infection. That’s why it’s so important to be clean. I highly recommend shower masturbation or tub masturbation. However, even with shower/tub masturbation you have to ensure that you’re in a clean place, and do not do it too often in the tub. Think about it: You’re sitting in water that is littered with debris from your body: sweat mixed with dirt, pollen, allergens, etc. from the environment, not to mention any microscopic bacteria/pathogens that might already be in the tub itself. So cleanliness is top priority! Also, if you do “finger” yourself, hrrmmmm term for this is actually “penetrate” or use of “penetration,” make sure that you are properly lubricated. Either really wet from your own arousal, or from using a personal lubricant. This will prevent you from stretching your vaginal opening and causing yourself any pain/discomfort (trust me I learned the hard way).

    Last but not least: The topic of sex: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…WAIT! Wait ’til you find someone to love and respect your and your body like a temple! I know this sounds philosophical, but take it from me (a 24 yr. old), waiting makes it more enjoyable. You don’t want to just go for the wam-bam-thank you m’am guy. That just means he won’t be interested in your needs and desires, and you’re less likely to get satisfied from the experience. Sex is about learning of your partner’s wants and needs. Fulfilling them with pleasure unbound to Earth. Trust me, waiting til you find someone who puts you before themselves is completely sexually euphoric (orgasmic)! They will want to please you, and drive you crazy not for their own vice, but for yours. That’s something to wait for in my opinion! 🙂

  • desha

    i've been fingered before, and it wasn't really pleasurable, but does that still make me a virgin ? & also when you do have your hymen broken does blood come out straight away ? because after being fingered blood came out the next day but i don't know whether that was period or my hymen being broken.

    • katie

      i have been fingered and no blood come out, it depends whether or not he stuck his fingers right up there or jsut give your clit and rub. cuz his fingers jsut give my clit a rub but i ahve ltos my virgintiy a long time ago

  • Karen

    to the comment from "babidqueens". Listen u dum retart. . .yes masturbation might give u satisfaction but u also have to be very clean with your fingers,its just common sense . second of all SEX IS NOT SAFER THEN MASTURBATING. what world r u living in ,u think fingers shoot our sperm like spiderwebs? -_- no but a penis does so it xud put u at risk for all differnt types of STD`S and PREGNACY. inform urself right first u dum asswipe.

  • pce23

    this happened to me just the other day. >_>;

  • highfive

    I need to call the grammer police.

  • uMM WELL ii tHiinK if youh want to liike finger your self youh shouldnt cusz if your liike dying to get tht feeling and want that satisfation dhen just find sumone to have sex with ! iim shure dht you will enjoy it better

  • !@(*&^%$#

    I have gotten a few of these and seriously, they are the most uncomfortable things in the world. When I first got it I wasn't sure what was going on but I was too embarrassed to say anything, so I didn't. After a few weeks it DID go away. However, after that I got one and it was terribleeee. I wanted to cry. I finally got into to Gyno (first time) but the lady was very nice. It was definitely uncomfortable but they do it all the time. When I was there I just had to remind myself of that. She told me to get some Monistat, at that cleared it up. They aren't something to be ashamed of. At first I thought only girls who were sexually active (fingering, dry humping, ect.) but it really can come from nowehre. Anyways, the Monistat cream did treat it. It was messy and uncomfortable, more like a burning itch for days. At all costs, you should try and avoid them. But if they do pop up just know to get checked out asap. 🙂

  • danielle

    emm i was wondring is it easy to dry hump ..?

  • wow well im not a virgin but i dont finger ma self and i never will not no pop status but if i wanted sex i would tell ma bf and i dont think girls should do it some people say its better than sex but sex is way safer but anywayz i dont think gurls should finger their self cuz it feels unconfurtable

  • christina

    umm I'm a virgen and I live in a VERY small town.
    I've never had sex-we but (does it Realy hurt everyone wen u have sex the first time ?

    • big_likking_pusy

      whyy doo wee care if u live in a verry small town ????/////// ooo and yess it hurts . espcially when its rilly big i reccomed that u dont do it with a black guy if ur scered just get urself a chinese guy //{ its wayy smaller}

  • Jazz

    K seriously girlies (and the occasional perverted boy – get out of this site you creepers! Gurls only!)…..Cleaniness IS next to godliness, AND it's kind of a no-brainer…..would you stick something infested with bacteria on, in, or near you vag? Before you go playing with yourself, grab half a brain, say you just scooped the kitty litter, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! Your vagina is a naturally clean, and perfectly balanced part of your body, the slightest dot of bacteria is gonna make those tender tissues swell, smell, ooze, itch, burn, and ruin your libido (lovely isn't it?) But never fear, it's a disgustingly common thing for women these days to experience, that's why we have Canestan and Monistat vaginal antifungal creams and suppositories. "Google" the creams to get more info on which one is better suited for you and your symptoms. Vaginal infections and the like aren't the end of the world, BUT if you seem to be getting them one after the other, go see your doctor, too many yeast infections in too short a time can actually result in the godzilla of all yeast infections which pretty much only your doctor can professionally aid in defeating. Make sure that no matter what, sexually active or not, if you are 17 years old or older you need to start getting your paps done. Sometimes they can actually see the yeast infection starting before youre at the point of feeling the darned thing!
    A few other things that you can nin between these nasty bad boys is take acidophilus pills every so often. It helps prevent against yeast infections, also eat yogurt, it's the same as the acidophilus pills, there's just more variety in the flavours!
    Something all women of all ages should know about yeast infections: If you ignore the infection, hoping it's gonna go away, it won't, it'll get worse. And then the nasty evil bacteria that caused your vaginal discomfort is now creeping up your "pee-hole" which will cause a bladder/kidney infection. You want to avoid this AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Trust me, it's the worst feeling of discomfort ever, I'm not gonna lie, I've never peed my pants a day in my life until I got the double-whammy. You actually lose bladder control, you feel this painfully strong urge to pee every 5 minutes, and when you do go pee you should at least learn some breathing techniques for dealing with pain, cause it hurts…..
    In summary I think the most important thing you can do for yourself is learn more, learn about your body and what it needs to fix AND prevent these kind of nasty ordeals. There are long-term effects of constant yeast infections and the other related nasties. Sometimes it's not even a new yeast infection, usually it's the last one waking up from a short hybernation to torture you again. Buy the 6-day Canestan cream treatment and use it to the bitter end, no matter if the infection appears to be gone within just a few days of treatment, they're sneaky infections, make sure you get it all and then some before you quit the treatment.
    No girl should EVER hesitate to see her doctor about anything. It's just not worth it. If you feel that you cannot tell your dotcor everything about your physical self, if you feel the need to withold information from him, either get a new doctor or smarten up! Doctors are sworn to secrecy, they aren't even supposed to tell their wives about their patient's business. The way I see it is he's the easy way to fixing whatever boo-boo you have going on with your body. He's gone to years of schooling to know how to fix you, and even then there are SO many other options out there these days! Check out if your community has some kind of drop in clinic for women, sometimes there's even a drop in clinic that specializes in women only from the age of 14 to 18, so check it out! Feeling ashamed of talking to someone to get help is NEVER worth it!