should i go on birth control behind my parents back?

dear heather,
I want to go on the pill, but I know if I ask my mom she will automatically assume I’m having sex, which I’m not. But what if something does happen, I want to always be prepared, and I heard it clears up your face and I have acne/pimples, so I’d love all the help I can get. I feel like just going with someone to a free clinic behind her back, but she loves to search my room for no reason. She’s not open-minded. What do I do?

Bringing up birth control is one of the toughest topics to talk about with parents. There’s a chance that if you’re very honest with your mom and let her know that you are not having sex, but would feel much more at ease if you were on the pill, she’ll be receptive.

Chances are she’ll question why you would want to be on birth control if you aren’t having sex, so be armed with a response: that you’re a responsible teenager who wants to be prepared for anything. Plus, you can even prove your intentions and ask her to take you to a dermatologist who may suggest the pill for you! As you said, birth control pills have a track record of clearing skin very effectively. Plus, birth control pills can alleviate PMS symptoms and help increase your bone density and iron count. Plus plus plus.

If you really don’t think that’s going to work, then going to a free clinic alone is a good option for girls who know their parents won’t approve of birth control. Bring a friend along if going alone sounds scary, and keep your medication in a private place where no one will find it. I’m not suggesting that you hide something from your parents, but if you have a hunch that you should be on birth control, the best thing to do would be to find a doctor — with or without the support of your parents. As my mom always says, better safe than sorry.

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  • Guerrita

    ,, My mom was the same way but honestly do whats right and thats getting on birth control. Its great that your thinking ahead and wanting to be prepaired,, So I say go for it!! Do it for you,, dont worry about her,, if she gets mad she gets mad if she dont believe you tell her to take you to the doctor and prove her wrong that your not having sex,,