is it safe to have sex in the bath?

Question: My boyfriend and I were thinking about having sex while taking a bath. Would the water affect anything?

Answer: Well, if you keep at it for a while, your fingers might not be the only thing that get pruney.

You should also know that it’s perfectly safe to have sex in the bath (or shower, or pool), but water can wash away vaginal lubrication. So despite being surrounded by liquid, sex in the water can actually feel dry and uncomfortable.  You can deal with this by using a waterproof lube that you apply beforehand, and by making sure to stop if something doesn’t feel good.

What water won’t wash away is an STD or the chance of pregnancy. It’s important to use the same birth control and safer sex methods that you always do when having sex in the water. You can even use a condom in the water, but you and your boyfriend should check it regualrly to make sure it hasn’t slipped off and floated away.

Some people are into having sex in less traditional places, like the bathtub. Others are all about the bedroom. Neither is better or worse. But don’t feel bad if sex in the tub doesn’t turn out to be your thing.

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  • You are all young & stupid

    You people are insane; talking about shaving and all of this other trivial image issues when it comes to sex. Sex in a pool or hot tub is completely irresponsible, even if your partner wears a condom. Think about it; you have the pressure of the water pushing into your vagina plus the pressure of your partner’s penis pushing that water in. I don’t think many of you would like to have a severe rash or infection as a result of foreign bacteria or chlorine/pool chemicals traveling through your cervix, would you? Grow up and realize that real sex is not like in the movies; there are consequences to your actions.

    • MothFeatures

      Personally I would say a part of growing up is trying new things, and accepting that not everyone’s preferences fall in line with your own. Just because you don’t like to experiment with places/positions “like in the movies”, doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t. I’ve personally had a lot of fun trying out different places and positions, and I now have a better understanding of what I do and don’t like, and I’m more comfortable sexually for it. I would urge anyone to experiment a little to see what they like. You might surprise yourself! As for the pressure from the water/penis, that’s not exactly what happens. You don’t create a plunger system when you have sex. You may get a little water up there, but the chances of infection or anything like that aren’t that far off those of having sex anywhere. As for the shaving, do what feels comfortable for you, it’s all down to personal preference. Not what some stranger who’s wound up too tight types in a comments section.