is it normal to bleed after sex if it isn’t your first time?

Question: Is it normal to bleed after having sex? It wasn’t my first time and I had some bleeding, so I was wondering…

Answer: Is it normal? Not exactly. Is it common? Yes. I have heard from lots of girls who experienced bleeding over the years. Sometimes the reason seems obvious. Maybe a girl got her period during sex, or right after. Maybe it wasn’t her first time, but her second or third, and her hymen was still stretching. Sometimes, though, the reasons for bleeding are a little trickier to figure out.

A few years ago, Angie, a girl I was training as a peer educator, told me that sometimes sex made her bleed. Sex didn’t hurt, and she made sure to use a lot of lube, but there was still spotting. I suggested a few possible causes, but none seemed right. Eventually, she went to her doctor, and after revealing that she also had really heavy, irregular periods, they figured out what was wrong. Angie had endometriosis, a condition where uterine lining (what your period is made of) was growing outside her uterus. With that information she was able to treat the real problem behind the symptoms, and as a result help the symptoms as well.

That was a pretty dramatic situation and endometriosis is by no means the most common cause of bleeding during or after sex. But it is helpful to know that there can be a lot of reasons for bleeding, even if it isn’t someone’s first time.

Here are a few more:

  • A minor injury or chafing. Sometimes just going slower and using extra lube can help.
  • A more serious injury.
  • An allergic reaction to latex condoms or spermicide.
  • Getting a cut from a partner’s fingernail.
  • Having a vaginal infection, an STD, or a condition like pelvic inflammatory disease, or polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Sex shouldn’t be an injury inducing event. If you notice bleeding, like Angie, you might want to see a professional to help you figure out what is going on.

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    • Shaelyn

      I was on my period for about 4 days and then it stopped. The same day it stopped I had sex with my boyfriend and then the next time I went to the bathroom I realized I was bleeding really heavily and I was just wondering if that’s normal?

    • annonymous

      we’ve had sex three times now. it hurt each time at the start and i don’t understand why? i thought it was only going to hurt the first time. the bleeding has calmed down but its still there, what do i do?

      • anonymous

        the first time that you have sex is it normal to bleed alot

    • Zoe Hooper

      i have just started to have sex…and after the third time the day after i started bleeding heavily and i had cramping and i have a feeling it is my peiord but i dont know….is it normal to have ur peiord the day after you have sex??

    • Aileen

      I got my period last tuesday. & this past thursday I had sex with my boyfriend. We hadn’t had sex in about 1 or 2 months. We had sex for about 2 hrs & when I got home I was bleeding. The bleeding stopped . Then this past saturday he fingered me alot them had sex & I bleeded on his penis & kept bleeding till the following morning. Is this normal??

    • lisa

      So i recently got drunk and me and my vest friend played with each other, we didn’t have sex but did everything else. We also used a vibrator. I woke up the next day and went to Pee my vagina hurts so bad and really burns when i Pee! It’s been 3 days and its still hurts I’m even spotting! It literally feels like sand paper!! It’s also swollen. I’m lost my virginaty at 17 I’m 21 and haven’t had intercourse for for 2 years. I don’t know why it hurts I’m confused someone if you have any suggestions as to why this is happening please help I’m in so much pain! :'(

      • Liz

        He/ she might have rubbed your clit to rough hard for a long time u prolly didn’t notice cause u were drunk or u might have a urinary tract infection or a combo of the two

      • molly

        you probably have a uti and all u need is some antibiotics. 🙂

    • Victoria

      My Name Is Victoria, And i had sex last night with my boyfriend. after words i went to bed and woke up with my pants all Bloody. This happens everytime i have sex. and i had sex a total of 4 times. And im only 14. I Went to the Doctor to see for Stds or whatever im clean so i dont know what the fuck is wrong with me. I Dont Know if im stretching or whatever. SomeOne Please Reply Back And Give me Tips?

      • David

        14 years old? Dammm… Your young tight and your getting tore up. Your young cool it off. Ain’t judging but you needa stop..

    • Melina

      I began having sex with my boyfriend about 6 months ago and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that we had intercourse he noticed spottings in the sheets. Afterwards I was hurting quiet a bit. We stopped for about 3 weeks yesterday we had sex again and today I’ve had a pinkish spotting it does hurt still. I don’t know if it’s because I’m stretching or what not but I don’t get it I’ve had sex before and I didn’t even bleed when I lost my virginity …why now?

    • Sammie

      Okay, so I had sex last night. And he first started to finger me which obviously felt good, but then we started having sex like in an awkward position. But this morning I woke up and found out I was bleeding, and not just spotting but not like full blown heavy bleeding. And my vagina hurts, idk if its from the fact that it lasted a while and it had been 2 1/2 month since I had sex. but im bleeding and my back hurts really bad. What does this mean?

    • babmbi

      my boyfriend and i recently had sex… i was a virgin during sexual inter course a spot in my vagiana hurt really bad .. he pulled out and there was blood all over his penis and my clothing it was sooo embarrising . a week later my boyfriend and i had sex again… nothing happpend during the intercorse but when i got home and used the restroom i found to be spotting, and now im on my period -___-
      is this normal..will it happen a 3rd time?

      • Jade

        Hey Hun! its completely normal to bleed during your first time in ‘sexual intercourse’ My personal exsperiance.. i bleed alot also! i also spotted during my second time too! i then decided to wait a few weeks Anyway! a week after my period had passed we tried again! and it was fine! it still hurt a little but thats cause of the stretching! Dont let it scare you! sex is a enjoyable thing to do, your body just has to adapt to it and stretch! also! MAKE Sure you are extremely wet! to help it go in easier
        ps sorry for spelling mistakes! -Jade x

    • kate

      i had intercourse with my boyfriend, and it felt fine during. As we were putting our clothes back on we noticed something wet (was in the dark), and when we turned the lights on, we found out i was bleeding…it was embarrassing cause it was all over him, and i’ve already had sex with him…several times (more than 15), and im not supposed to be on my period for another few days cause my birthcontrol isn’t up yet…it’s kinda got me worried..and i don’t know what to do. and it makes me feel like crap. is there any possible things it could be?:/

    • katie

      I’ve had sex 6 times and it still hurts a bit and bleeds, I think it’s a tearing a little because it feels like it’s a specific spot, and it might be the same spot each time. It it just because my body hasn’t finished adjusting yet? should I wait longer than a week in between? would lube help (the condoms are already slippery)?

    • riley

      i have has sex about 7 times, almost everytime its always a few days after my period, but i always bleed after i have sex, could this be endometriosis?

      • Yogaba

        Yo girl, stop using your vagina and use a cucumber up your arse…real talk

        • Mary Jane

          aaahahaha i’m actually trying to figure out what’s wrong with me but that shit’s funny as hell yo

    • Kay

      Hmm. I went 8 months without sex the. Recently had sex and I didn’t realize I was bleeding till I went to the bathroom and he didn’t realize nothing during… doesn’t hurt when I pee. Just a little rah from the after words…….I think after so long and not being fingered much I was reripped or something. Size might be a factor too

    • low

      I’ve been experiencing some minor bleeding for a couple of months after being fingered or intercourse. but just recently my bf fingered me and there was a ton of blood. then 2 days later i got my period. but i was not supposed to get my period for 2 weeks from that day.

      • Anonymous

        One time before intercourse my partner fingered me and while we were having sex he notcied blood and sked if I was on my period and I told him I just had mines like a week and a half before this and I was so emabaressed ,and when I wen home and used the restroom I noticeed it burned when I peed and continued to do so for about 2 days after and in fact it wasn’t my period but when he was fingering he cut me and that was the reason for it .

    • Meghan

      I had a UTI and that caused me to bleed after sex. So, it really could be any number of things. Go to a doctor and you’ll be fine[:

    • gay:)

    • shell

      everytime after my boyfriend fingers me i get really bad pains and i start to bleed, also during sex that happens… could that be because I might have endometriosis?

    • Ana

      the same thing started happening to me. could it be because my b.f has his penis pierced, because i have had sex many times before him and never had that problem……

    • Taye

      Well my bf and I have had sex a few times and it still hurts most of the time. Just recently after i had sex i went to the bathroom and when i wiped i was bleeding. But after that it stopped. Is that normal?

      • HeatherBearBaby

        I had the same problem tonight. It’s the first time it’s ever happened. But it didn’t hurt when him and I were having sex.

        • Yogaba

          Yo girl, use a cucumber up your arse…real talk

    • noe

      I didn't know endometriosis could cause bleeding, if anything, I had heard about sex being a bit painful. Either way, I think every girl should get a test to see if they have endometriosis, regardless of their sexual activity. It's a serious condition and often doesn't shows symptoms.