My First French Kiss Fail

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

Art & Story By: Michelle C

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  • Omg

    My first kiss was with my bestfriend(guy) when I wasn’t even six omg I was so thrilled I was bouncing off the walls and then a few years after he asked me to French kiss him and I said no but we kisses loads of other times and then he took me on a date to the local fair and we were on the waltzer sand he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes I had my first French kiss when I was twelve

  • Jaime

    I totally agree with your afterthoughts Michelle, I had my first kiss for all the wrong reasons. It should be in the moment when you feel ready and not because you feel pressured to do it. I still don’t really like french kissing to this day. I mean sometimes in the heat of the moment it feels good but other than that people shouldn’t feel as french kissing is the only kissing I know I felt that way since that is all the type of kissing everyone did. Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

  • Shorttiesswagg

    I prefer making out without tongue but when your’re in the moment and you first start off with no tonuge then it just hapeens and you feel awesome. ive only kissed 3 guys my whole life so far and im 15 and let me tell you my first was okay he was good but not and my second guy was AMAZING! and the 3rd guy was just asoultey horrible he needs to work on tounge its just gross when all you feel is tounge down your throught. anyways i just think that you’ll get better as time goes and let me tell you for me my first kiss i was talking and it was werid but now every guy i kissed say im pretty good so yeah(:

  • Kate

    Aw poor little alligator boy!

  • Danni

    French kissing is gross..but some how satisfyiing? If never kissed anyone sober but they never usually say anything if you do it wrong, just follow their lead :) x

  • Ruby

    I´ve only been given a “long peck” so i´m really nervous and exited about frenching! though the thought of someone elses tongue in my mouth disgusts me a little like a couple of you guys, but hey! i can´t jusge until i´ve tried it 😀

    • Jacki

      I thought the same thing about frenh kissing.. Bout how gross it wuld b for their tongue to be in MY mouth.. But i LOVE french kissing!! Its not tht bad.. And i like tht it happened with my current bf.. Who im gna marry.. Lol.. But its not bad..

  • Jayla

    LOL,i havent had my 1st kiss yet (but my friends have!) in im only in the 7th grade,so dis is awesome!

    • Jayla


    • Meagan

      LOL jayla, your friends(:

  • Taylor

    I hate french kissing. Was never my thing. People say I haven't done it with the right person, but I hate the thoughts of my tongue touching someone else's.
    Nice comic, and you're absolutely right.

    • Kaylee

      You’re craazy girl(; haha I looooove french kissing, not gonn’ lie. lol

  • Ian

    I haven't french kissed anyone, and I'm really nervous for it, so this helped me feel beetter about it!

  • Sarah

    I agree! stupid ex girlfriend. she was probably trying to make you get nervous about it in the first place!

  • Shannon

    My first kiss was a French kiss it was excting scary and romantic all at once at first I was nervous but it fellt natural and just fel into it I will never forget it

  • lilybell

    well i think tht entire situation cud hav bin avoided if u had avoided the ex-gf.tht was like totally an ambush.u wudve enjoyed ur night and the kiss mightve bin more enjoyable,cuz u wudve bin relaxed.and if it still had turned out the same way.yall mightve jus laffed it off.seraly

  • Spirit

    That was hilarious! It reminds me of the kiss in "Karate Kid". Hahaha! You should watch it.