discuss: i’m not sure if i’m still a virgin

Question: I have had anal sex and I don’t know if I’m a virgin or not. People have told me that sex is sex and it doesn’t matter, but others have said that you can only lose your virginity if you have vaginal sex. I’m confused!

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  • Anonymous

    My bf force his finger into my vigirgina nd i bleed am i still a virgin

    • Groups Guy

      You’re still a virgin.
      Only if your man puts his penis into your vagina & pushes-in, are you not a virgin.
      Even if you go down on him & suck him or let him eat your p*ssy.
      Even if you engage in “simulated sex,” where he rubs up against you &
      shoots his cum on your tummy (but doesn’t enter you)…

      You can still consider yourself an “innocent” Christian virgin girl.