am i still a virgin?

dear heather,
I have never had vaginal or anal sexual intercourse, but I have had oral. I’ve gone down on a boy and he’s gone down on me and I have done everything else, so am I still considered a virgin even though I have had oral sex?
The word “virgin” usually refers to someone who has not had intercourse, so oral sex does not fall under that category. If you think oral is considered sex, that’s up to you, but in terms of the widely accepted definition of “virginity” you are still considered a virgin because you have not had intercourse.

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  • Nichole

    I’ve wondered the same thing because I was raised really religious. My mom never really talked to me about any kind of sex. All I knew growing up was that sex was bad. I Never really considered any other form of sexual intimacy(Like Oral, or Touching Someone Else’s Private Area) I just literally had never even thought about it or did anything like that at all.
    I just got my first kiss this year. I’m 22. And that led to other things. I wasn’t ready to do these things but the guy kept touching me and I couldn’t control myself, so I let him touch me(down there). I felt completely horrible afterwards and there was also a little blood, a weird colored blood kind of purple-ish. Now I feel like i’m no longer innocent or a virgin.
    I don’t know what to do, I Feel so awful about it all the time. because of my religious upbringing. I didn’t have sex with him but somehow I feel so dirty and nasty.