i want to try anal sex

dear heather,
I want to try anal sex. I mean I have tried a little bit but it hurt a lot. My friends and your website have taught me to use a condom and stuff. But if a penis goes all the way inside, will it eventually feel good? Like how in your vagina it hurts as first and then feels good. And if it does tear tissue will you have to go to the doctor or anything?
You should definitely wear a condom during any kind of sex, as you already know, but in terms of it feeling good, that really depends on the person. Some people definitely feel pleasure from anal sex, and others don’t. There are ways for guys to pleasure girls in other ways during anal sex — the same way that when you’re having vaginal sex, he can pleasure you in other ways. But if you don’t think that anal sex feels good after you do it, you should think about that and realize you don’t just have to have anal sex because your guy wants you to.

In terms of tearing tissue during anal sex, you should make sure you are properly lubricated. Make sure you and your BF have lube on hand before you have sex and it will definitely decrease the amount of tearing you might experience. If you do experience any small cuts, they will heal over time and you should not have to see a doctor. Of course if you’re in actual pain and think you need outside help, a doctor will be able to help you. But the typical small tears you might experience should not be too bad.

Be safe!

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