my boyfriend complained that my vagina has a bad smell

Q: My boyfriend complained that my vagina has a bad smell. Is there anything I can do about that?

A: Yes, but does it really? I mean, all vaginas have a distinctive odor. If that’s what he’s complaining about, only thing you need to worry about are your boyfriend’s hang-ups. 
That being said, there are two common reasons behind odor not of the au natural variety: hygiene and infections.

Hygiene is pretty easy to deal with. Make sure to wash your vulva with water and, if you choose, some super mild, unperfumed soap. You never need to wash inside the vagina, or douche. Doing that can actually cause infections and odors!  
Some people also wash or give their vulvas a swipe with a wet wipe before having sex, but that’s a personal choice. Plenty of people are into the natural scent of the vagina and would be put off if a girl always smelled like a rose.

A more serious issue is the infection one. If you notice a strong, unpleasant or fishy odor, then I would say get yourself to a doctor to find out if you have vaginitis or an STD. Though it might seem freaky, keep in mind that most of the infections that cause odors aren’t the most serious ones out there and they can usually can be cleared up pretty easily. 
Good luck!


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  • HoneyPea

    I had the worst experience with Femenine odor. I lost my V to an uncercumsized penis and had Bacterial Vag for about 3 years without knowing.I had discusting clots of white discharge oozing all the time. The smell was so bad I got insulted and bullied everyday. I tried cleaning it, and douching it, and it only got worse. I finally saw a GDoc and she gave me a 1 week Prescription 2 years ago, and for a while had no smell at all. I recently got sexually active and theres a faint odor, but VAGINAS ARE SUPPOSED TO SMELL. Just like breath.

  • Beth

    So you NEVER had any vaginal odor whatsoever. Except that time that you did. And that was like getting rid of a vampire.

  • Anonymous

    Cut all your hair around your vg you will notice the difference.

  • Lulu

    I NEVER had any vaginal odor whatsoever.
    The only time I got fishy ‘hooker’ smell was when I got Bacterial Vaginosis infection.
    It was nasty no amount of antibiotics helped. So I started taking folic acid, multiviamins, vit D,and PROBIOTICS. Approx $100 Eventually a herbal doctor suggested
    5-6 cloves of halves inserted in vagina at bedtime up to a week. ( that’s right I said garlic) along with plain natural yougurt on a tampon alternate nights up to 2 weeks.

    The smell was gone. So was the infection it’s been 9 years that I got no smell now.
    Yes during the ‘garlic yogurt remedy’ I tasted it in my mouth and couldn’t have sex.
    But the hard work paid off.
    Trust me ladies!

    • quietstorm

      Along with the garlic you also put yogurts on the tampon every night for a week?