i have vaginal farts while having sex

dear heather,
When my boyfriend and I had sex for the second time, I experienced a vaginal fart. I was embarrassed, but he said it was OK. But recently we did it again and it kept happening. Is this normal?
It’s perfectly normal for you to experience “vaginal farts” or “queefs” during sex. When a penis goes inside you, air is pushed in with it and then when he pulls out, the air will escape quickly, causing that sound. Certain sexual positions could be the reason for this. For example, doggie style, where your vagina is up in the air, will probably cause more air to enter and exit during sex.

The best way to deal with this regular occurrence, (it’s totally normal!), is to laugh about it. If he is OK with it, you should be, too.

take care,

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  • Leabulia

    The same thing happened to me while my boyfriend and i were having sex but we’ve been doing it for about 10 months and it’s never happened before. I was really embarassed and couldn’t help but laugh and my BF said it was fine but i really don’t want to have sex anymore because of it. I completely discussed myself and don’t find myself attractive anymore when i know it wasn’t a big deal and i should move on.

  • anonymousgirl

    Ohmygosh, girl. I know how you feel, totally.

    No joke, just yesterday my boyfriend and I were having sex. And it happened.

    And I felt SO embarassed, but I laughed so hard and just hid my face in his shoulder.

    He laughed too, but not even a minute later he was ready to continue.

    Heather is right, doggie style is one to avoid if you're really worried about it.

    But it's totally normal (: No worries