i am grossed out by my parents having sex

dear heather,

What do I do when I hear my parents having sex? I had a problem with this last year. When I hear them, nothing pleases me more than to have them killed or divorced. I hate them so much for it and I think they are stupid for it. What should I do?

It may be hard to come to terms with the fact that your parents are human beings, who eat, sleep and have sex, just like the rest of the human population. Also, if it weren’t for them having sex, you wouldn’t even exist.It’s understandable for you to be grossed out by your parents having sex, especially if you can hear it, but it’s no reason to get angry or wish for them to be killed or divorced. They probably wouldn’t be too interested in hearing you have sex, either.

The next time you hear them, leave the house or turn your speakers up really loud. It might send them the right message that they need to be more discrete. But sorry to say, chances are they aren’t going to stop doing it all together.

If you don’t want them to criticize your sex life, you can’t butt in and tell them what to do with theirs.

take care,

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