i am scared my sister is too slutty

dear heather,

My sister is 16 and is growing up way too fast! Two of her friends have already have had sex and she says she has been real close. She has told me she had started drinking with her friends at parties. She is a very voluptuous girl and beautiful! I don’t want her to loose her innocence so early. I did and it turned out to be a huge mistake in the end. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes as I did and get raped because of it. She is too open and way too independent and stubborn for her own good! I am afraid she is gonna get hurt. What should I do? Sincerely, Worried For her Sister

It’s nice that you’re looking out for your sister. It sounds like she needs a bit of guidance at 16, but it’s also not uncommon for gurls her age to have sex and start drinking. I’m not saying it’s OK to do those things, but she isn’t so far off track with a lot of high schoolers out there.If you want her to see the error of her ways, tell her how you feel. Explain that being in charge of your sexuality is great, but she should make sure she’s sexually active for herself and that she’s not just doing things to impress guys and show off her body. She can make her own decisions when it comes to guys, but if you explain how much you regretted doing things when you were her age, she might listen.

There is a way to explain things to her that won’t make her feel like you’re treating her like a child. You want to be able to talk to her like she is a mature adult. Start by telling her what kinds of pressures you had when you were her age and she might relate to you more. If she hears that you have both gone through the same situations and problems, she might be more willing to open up to you and go to you when she has a question, or if she’s debating whether to have sex

Did you have a traumatizing experience with a guy? If so, tell her. She might be more willing to see your side of the story. You might be coming off like an overbearing sister, but if she hears why you’re really upset and scared for her, she might come around.

take care,

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