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Question: My best friend has recently dumped her ass of a boyfriend, but won’t shut up about him. She thinks that he hasn’t got over her yet. All because he doesn’t want to be friends any more, which is fair enough. But, she was never good friends with him anyway, even when they were going out. I was happy for her, but now that they’re over, she will never shut up. I’ll be in the middle of a sentence, and she’ll butt in saying her problems about him. This really gets on my nerves. Does anyone have a way I can deal with this? I feel we’re moving apart, and I want to stay friends.

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  • Cat

    Girls often have raw emotions right after a break-up. I'm sorry to say that you have to wait it out about 95% of the time. If she continues to get on your nerves after a few months, calmly suggest that you talk about something else. Say something like, "I know you still really care about him, but there are so many great guys that you're not giving a chance to because you're so hung up on him still. Let go a little and have some fun, you deserve it." Her thinking more about the problems they had while they were going out won't solve them now, but she's going to need lots of encouragement to cure her wounded ego.