can I still get pregnant if a guy “pulls out” before he ejaculates?

Q: Can I still get pregnant if a guy “pulls out” before he ejaculates? Or will it at least make pregnancy less likely?

A: Yes and yes.

Look, I have a friend who swears by the withdrawal method. She and her boyfriend have used it for years and she’s never gotten pregnant.

But I also know someone who now has a two-year-old who she swears came about despite the fact that her boyfriend sucessfully pulled out before ejaculating.

Withdrawal is a gamble. You might luck out and not get pregnant, but that’s not a guarantee. If you want to rest assured that you won’t get pregnant, use a reliable form of birth control–like a condom or the pill.

Neither of those options are as spontaneous as withdrawing. But then again, nothing kills spontaneous sex like the pitter pat of a small child’s feet…

Do you rely on withdrawal? If so, how come?

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  1. avatarTori says:

    Hi, my name is tori and me and my boyfriend just had sex for the first time yesterday. it was my first time and it was 3 days after my period had ended, we didn’t use a condom and i wasn’t on birth control. he used the “pullout” method and came on my stomach. I’m afraid that i could potentially be pregnant but i know for sure that we both aren’t ready for that. heres the catch, he has had sex before plenty of times with only 3 partners. he’s gotten himself checked and he is clean, but he’s kind of a pro at the pullout method. he’s never gotten any of them pregnant. And reading all these stories about their being a “possibility” that you are and a “possibility” that you aren’t. I’m just super scared that i could be pregnant. i asked my mom about birthcontrol and i’m going to have an appointment scheduled with my doctor in a few days. everyone is saying im not and ive been freaking out that i could be. he said that he didn’t feel any precum come out but as some say, a guy normally cant feel it. so i’m unsure. i love him to death and losing him is the last thing i want. i just want some idea of what my situation could consist of. im scared and just need some advice. please help. email me at ( if you have any comments. please and thank you.

  2. avatartazz says:

    I’m the 1st guy to have sex with my girlfriend and we have sex with out a condom but I all ways make sure that I pull out so can I get HIV with having sex with her only

    • avatarTina says:

      It’s very unlikely for you to get HIV with only one person. Some people are born with HIV but thats very very rare. If she’s your first time and you’re her first time, Im 99.9% sure you’re clean.

  3. avatartazz says:

    me and my girlfriend we both 18 and we like all ways having sex every once a week and we don’t use a condom but I all ways pull out…..same one help me are we safe

  4. avatarEmmeline says:

    The answer is YES, you can still get pregnant if he pulls out. Period, end of story.

  5. avatarTed says:

    All I have to say is for the guys who pull out and especially to the guys who still got a girl pregnant who pull out, that’s them not me sucks to be them. How horrible to not have ultimate satisfaction during intercourse by not ejaculating inside of a girl’s vagina and then to also get her pregnant is a double whammy. How horrible for those guys. I feel sorry for them.

  6. avatarLucy says:

    If it was my first time having sex and we didn’t use protection, but he pulled out before ejaculation, could I be pregnant after 3 days ??

  7. avatarmini v says:

    hi so I had a miscarriage like 2 – 3 weeks ago and me and my bf have had unprotected sex loads. he always pulls out though. what are the chances of me being pregnant? and when can I test and get the right result? ive heard your more fertile after a miscarriage.

  8. avatarDestini says:

    Hey I’m Destini, I’m 16 years old…I had sex with my so boyfriend well somewhat of a boyfriend which is 15 and it was without a condom but he pulled out before he ejaculates ….is there a possiblity that I can stil get pregnant? I know it was Wrongand I’m waaaaay to long but I need to know this bc I’m nervous. Could he ejaculate without him knowing before he does or what? Please can someone email me and let me know please…..thanks (

  9. avatarSavannah says:

    Am i pregnant??

    My boyfriend and i hav been together for two years.. on july 31 we had unprotected sex he was hard before we did it cause we were fooling around but we only had sex for 2 minutes then he cummed he said he pulled out though.but the next day i got my period and about 6 days later on my last day of my period we had unprotected sex again and again it was for 2 minutes til he cummed but he said he pulled out but lately I’ve been feeling nauseous but having been throwing upland i feel light headed allot and major head breasts feel like they have grown but it couldjust be in my my question is can i be pregnant?

  10. avatarTJS says:

    This guy and I have been having sex and he does pull out but I’m worried that even if he pulls out , I can still get pregnant . Do you think I could possibly end up pregnant?

  11. avatarhelpme. says:

    so my fiance and me did have sex and we both forgot a condom and im not on the pill. he pulled out but ive done had one miscargage and he has a 2 year old daughter. we both want to have a kid but wanna wait till were married. could there be any chance i could be pregnant again??? please tell me the truth.

  12. avatarSarah says:

    Friend had sex two days ago an now ive been spotting redish brownish discharge ive been eating like crazy and have bern having these bad stomach pain i took a pregnacy test yesterday but it cam out negative can that b right or is it too soon to check today would be the third day i just checked yesterday

  13. avatarMisskay says:

    Okay so the guy I have been talking to for a while came over and we made out and had sex for like 5 seconds before I made him stop and told him I couldn’t. I don’t know if he pre cumed or not. I don’t want to be pregnant and defiantly not with him. What should I do? Do any of you think I might be pregnant?

  14. avatarhelpppp!089 says:

    So i’m, very young and me and my boyfriend have been having sex since like the second month we got together. We never use a condom he just pulls out everytime because he’s VERY careful about me getting preggo, he DOES NOT want to do that bc he knows that neither of us are ready. The reason we dont use protection is bc we dont know who to ask to buy them for us, we both have very strict parents when it comes to ruining our lifes bc of hormones. Anyway, I’ve been having a hard time breathing when I talk and i’ve been eating like a PIG! I’ve gained weight I know that for sure!! Do y’all think i’m pregnant?? I need a test but how am suppose to get one?): I dont want to say ANYTHING to my boyfriend about me not feeling right bc he will have a heart attack, LITERALLY! And I’d feel like a idiot if I ain’t and he’d think I told him that for attention or to make him worried, idk he’s just the type of guy who thinks he knows everything! But please help yall :(

  15. avatarSaki says:

    Well, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years now. And we had sex for 6 times during these years. We always make sure that he peed and that he would only take 30 seconds or a minute inside me. I always tell him that he should NEVER come in me because we’re still not ready having a baby. I love him so much, and I’m glad he understands. Just 30 minutes ago, we had sex… As always, he peed before everything else and took about a minute and a half inside me. I was looking in the internet to see if I’m pregnant. Then I read your comments, it actually made me feel a lot safer. He’s someone I trust a lot so I know he wouldn’t come in me. I hope I’m not yet pregnant! I don’t want my baby reserved for about 10 years from now to be born in just 9 months. :)

  16. avatarshai says:

    i have a boyfriend. we are sexually active and we usually use condoms. however today we tried it without one it felt so much better without it. but now im scaref that i could be pregnant. he never came in me but there was precum im scared

  17. avatarGenevieve says:

    I’ve used the withdrawal method, with mixed results.

    The first guy I had sex with, we only pulled out once. But he pulled out just as he was orgasming–and while he didn’t think any got inside me, apparently he was wrong, because I tested positive for pregnancy not long after. I miscarried and we broke up shortly after.

    After that I was vehement about using protection. I tried spermicide once… guess who found out the hard way that she was allergic?

    The guy I’m with now is someone I love very much and trust completely. For the first six months of our relationship we used condoms (um, almost) every time (though there were a couple instances in which we pulled out), but for the last month or so, we have used withdrawal almost exclusively. We do what I call the “stop-and-go”. If he senses that he’s getting even the least bit close, we pause. He doesn’t pull out at that point, but we stop actually doing anything until he’s sure he’s well under control. Then we go another few minutes, stop, go, and so on until we’re ready to stop and cuddle.
    I asked him once if it bothered him that he never gets to finish when we use withdrawal. But after a long discussion about it, we reached a mutual conclusion: it takes the “goal” of “getting there” out of sex and makes it about being close, feeling good, love and tenderness. I’ve noticed our sex is much less f*cking and much more making love, if that makes sense.

    That said, I haven’t had my period in over a year, which lends to my not worrying too much about being fertile. I’m going to a gynecologist about it soon, but at the moment, it honestly doesn’t bother me.

    Why am I so much more laid-back about withdrawal than I used to be? Well, a big part of it is that I trust my partner completely. He has excellent self-control and knows better than to even let himself get close.

  18. avatarHannah says:

    Okay. So I'm Hannah and I'm 17 years old. I was with a guy for 2 years. He was 16 at the time we first started dating, and I was 14. I was for sure inlove. We had sex like EVERY!! day, and sometimes upto 3-4 times a day. At first we used condoms all the time, but after a few times trying it without, condoms just didn't feel right. I loved the fact that I could actually feel him, and not rubber. =]
    For almost 2 years, we used the pull out method. I wasn't on any kind of birthcontrol, mostly because my mom wouldn't let me, and didn't want me to be sexually active. Him and I even had sex on my periods, and I let him ejaculate inside me.
    Not once through our relationship, did I ever get a scare about being pregnant.
    About five months ago, I started dating another guy. Before having sex with him, I made sure that I got checked, and he did too. I was 16, and he was 17. We had sex alot, seeing how he only lived a few houses down, we saw eachother everyday. We didn't usually use condoms. We would have sex, unprotected, and then he would pull-out and cum, and he would put on a condom and we would go longer. We used the pullout method alot.
    We brokeup about a month 1/2 ago, and he is still the only person that I'm having sex with, and I am to him. We still use the pull out method, and again not once have I thought that I was pregnant.
    From my experience, pre-cum is just used as a lubricant.
    I've been using the pull-out method for 3 years now.
    Yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant, but I think it would be more of the guys' fault. Possibly, not pulling out on time, or just messing up.
    Being safe is important, and its your choice to use protection.

  19. avatarplanned parenthood p says:

    You can definitely get pregnant even if he pulls out. If semen gets anywhere near the vulva, there's a chance of pregnancy. Also, you can get pregnant from pre-come if he hasn't peed since the last time he ejaculated (since the pre-come picks up residual semen). The best way to prevent pregnancy is to always use protection.

  20. avatarkbo13 says:

    so. me and this guy hooked up about a week and a half ago. he did use a condom. and he did pull out. i've been on birth control for quite a while, but a little before we had sex i had missed taking it a couple of days. i know i'm like stressing out bad here but i just really need to know if i have something to worry about. i've been on my pills for a week and a half now. its just my breasts are super sensitive right now. but i thought maybe im just over thinking it. please someone help me out here.

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