could i be pregnant?

dear heather,
I’ve been on birth control for about 2 1/2 weeks and I had unprotected sex a lot before I was on birth control. I have had some signs of pregnancy. Is it possible I could be pregnant?
Depending on when you started taking the pill, you could possibly be pregnant. It is always best to use a backup method of contraception within the first month of taking the birth control pill.

If you are experiencing signs of pregnancy, don’t panic. Some of those symptoms (spotting, cramping, etc.) could be due to your body not being used to the pill just yet. If you do not get your period when you are supposed to get it (after the third week on the pill), you should consider taking a home pregnancy test.

Keep in mind that additional stress, especially the anxiety that you might be feeling if you think you are pregnant, could delay your period. So if you want peace of mind right away, you should think about taking a pregnancy test or talking to your doctor. There are free clinics and Planned Parenthood centers all over the country. For more information and to find a center in your area, click here.

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