how do you know when you have an orgasm?

Question: I’m 18. How do you know when you’ve had an orgasm?

Answer: I’ve seen this question answered in a few ways.

The condescending answer is, "If you have to ask, you haven’t had one."

The technical answer is: "An orgasm is the release of muscle tension. This is called myotonia. When it is combined with the flooding of the hormone serotonin into the bloodstream, a sexual climax occurs."

The hippy answer is: "You know you’ve had an orgasm when the cosmos align in a flowing crash of sexual pleasure."

Any of those help?

If not, here’s a little more info. Many people describe orgasms as the peak (or climax) of sexual arousal. Some people say they feel like an orgasm is a big release of excitement.

This climax/peak/release can come after a few minutes of stimulation. Or it may take an hour of fooling around before it occurs. Many women need their clitoris touch directly to orgasm, but some can come just from vaginal penetration. After an orgasm occurs, it is common to feel giddy, happy, relaxed  or tired.

Even with all that being said, you should know that everyone experiences orgasm differently. Some people have huge physical reactions. Others have orgasms that are more like spikes in pleasure.

One thing to keep in mind is that orgasms rarely resemble what you see in movies. Just because you always thought an orgasm would leave you a screaming mass of desire, yet what you’ve been experiencing is making you feel more like a giggly puddle of goo, don’t worry. If you think you’ve had an orgasm, but are questioning whether or not you did, don’t over analyze. If it feels good, go with it.

Of course if you are pretty sure you aren’t coming and want to, there are plenty of things you can do to help make it happen!

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  • Mac tooreal

    Lmao these stories

  • papercut-gurl

    does piercing of the clitoris enhance the quality of sex

  • Jayjay

    oh, and a random peeing feeling

  • Jayjay

    im not sure, cos whenever me and my boyfriend fool around, my legs start shaking uncontrollably and i just want to go to sleep. is this an orgasm? or just really weird?

  • alexis

    dats discusting dont touch ur self just get a man and have him do it or sumthin plz!!!!

    • Donna

      Stfu with your ratchet spelling -.-

  • Mary

    I have had my fair share. It is like gods personal choir of angels siging from your
    va-jay-jay. For people who haven't had this miracle occur its like when you haven't shit for a week because your bowels are so backed up and you feel like taking a fork and scaraping it out; and then you can finally release all of your anus ripping soilege. And you feel like you can climb a mountain. It is exactly like that, trust me.

  • anonymous

    I Think I Finally Had One Not Too Long Ago.
    My Body Was Kinda Spasming & For A Second I Thought I Peed On Myself.

  • Hannah

    When I orgasm, it kinda hurts and I start shaking…and it isn't really glamorous. Unlucky me doesn't "squirt" either.
    Sometimes I do it on webcam for my BF…who I have never met (He's not a pedo!) and he get's mad when I can't orgasm from just fingering…Stupid Clit needs to be rubbed.
    Hannah- age 15 (young D;)

  • JaCei

    Um…I'm 18 too & I'm still a virgin. Just this year I've been introduced to masturbating. I've never masterbated myself, but other guys have. The other night, we we're in the back of his car & he fingered me…idk? I just don't like the feeling of something up there…it hurts me a lot but he made it feel better with lube. But idk if I had one…I kinda held myself back from screaming but idk? I'm just really confused??? He says its easier with sex so we're waiting until june, but I really wanna have one so I'm not the only 18 year old girl that's never had one b4…HELP!