confession: what is a virgin?

"When I was 12, I used to think that being a virgin meant you were from the state of Virginia."

–a gURL user

How do you define virginity? Confess.

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  • pf

    Virgin is a person who hasn’t ever had intercourse. Hasn’t ever inserted penis in the vagina, or received penis in one’s vagina. Also, for homosexuals, you can apply the same theory, they take intercourse through the butt. For lesbians, I guess if they you know I don’t know, put a pickle between themselves or something o_o

    anyways, person is still a virgin even if they had oral sex or masturbated whatever…

    It’s just that. Virgin has to receive or put in (vagina) you know? It’s that simple. Virgin is one who hasn’t had experienced with the real sex. You can’t tell a woman who masturbated she isn’t a virgin anymore just because maybe she hurt hymen. I had a friend who believe in ‘half’ virgin. LOL that’s hilarious. you’re either a virgin or you’re not.

    I’m still virgin and I save it for the one.

  • xx

    you’re a virgin until your cherry pops, when will you know? there might be blood, or just pain. :\

  • LaTisha

    I define my virginity as gone out the window :I

    • tsc

      lol..i can digg that

  • Serah

    I define my virginity as never being sold to a man before.

  • I define my virginity with puriety

  • I define my virginity with puriety

  • for me being a virgin is to never had sex, or never inserting some guy's penis to your vagina. that simple
    the definition of never having an orgasm is wrong because people had orgasm just by masturbating.^^