discuss: can sleeping on my stomach flatten my breasts?

Question: Can sleeping on my stomach flatten my breasts? My mom says it does. I’m not sure if she’s right, but I do sleep on my stomach. I really love my boobs, but I have a strange feeling they are becoming flatter and flatter…

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  • Flinny

    Don’t worry, it’s not true, nor is it scientifically proven. I started developing very young and I love sleeping on my stomach and have never stopped yet I’m 15 years of age and a still developing 34E in size… don’t worry hun, give them a little massage before you sleep just to make yourself more comfy. Also the others saying their boobs won’t grow and they’re like 20: just face you were born to have small boobs and stop blaming it on a fricken bed mattress.

  • Eaglev12

    Whether or not this is true, there is one thing that isn’t being said. I’m a 20 year old male and I can honestly say that i don’t care about the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. For me, the most important thing is a woman’s personality. Without that, everything else is pointless. Sure, big breasts are nice; but I’d rather be with someone who is flat chested with a great personality than someone with big breasts who i can’t stand. If any man is going to say no just based on the size/shape of your breasts, then he isn’t worth your time.

    This might not pertain to your specific situation, but there are millions on women and girls who fight with this every day. I encourage you to pass this on to them as well.

  • Jazmine

    That is ABSOLUTELY a lie because i had the same problem at your age and I see no change if anything my boobs got bigger 😉 lol i was 14 and C32 and now at the moment im a D38

  • S my D 69

    I think mine got flatter because i use to be a 36 B and now im a 36A 🙁 and its sad cause im 16 and all the girls in my school have big titts and i aint have shit but im alwasy sleeping in my tummy. :,(


  • annaloveselliot

    I understand how you would think that, but it's not true. Breasts are mostly fat. The larger the breasts the more fat in the rest of the body. For flat chested girls, they are flat becuase they are probably athletic and don't have much body fat.
    Anywho where was I? Oh yeah, fat is not going to form into a flatter substance just becuase you are putting pressure on it. It is a liquid, so that is like saying that sitting on a water bottle will make the water IN the bottle flatter, or change it some how. Just don't worry. Sleeping on your stomach will in NO way effect the shape or size of your breasts.
    Good luck!

  • No its not true at all the only position i can sleep on is on my stomach i am only 14 and ima 48D it may hurt some girl with large breast beacuase yu have some big mellos on yur chest lol but no it's not true the only things that can maybe flatten yur breast are really tight sport bra's and steroids but i dont recomend that but its actually verry comftorable 🙂

  • This isnt true because im 13 and im a 38C and i sleep on my belly and nothing happens. =]

  • saphron

    all i have 2 say is i dont think that is true b-cuz im 13 and im a 28e and i sleep on my belly lyk a baby and im not gettin flatter i think b-cuz ur mum sed ur boobs dont if u sleep on ur belly ur starting 2 think that they r getting flatter but there not so dont worry ur gonna be fine!!!!!!! hope dis helps!!!!!.xx

    • Cammie


      That’s impossible to have 28E breasts at 13, unless you started puberty at like 5. Please, if you’re going to lie, be realistic.

      • ary

        I know 13 year old with really large breasts. So anything can be realistic when it comes to puberty. So leave her tf alone.

  • Zoë

    this is not true at all. i only sleep on my stomach and i'm a 32D! the size of your breasts doesn't have anything to do with that.

  • krishay

    i dont think thats true cuz iamma 36b i sleep om my stomach all the tyme nd my breast not getting kno smaller

  • tyanna

    I am 12 and I wear a 34b honey but i dont think im getting smaller i sleep on my side though but still.plus my nipples are huge and sometimes i lay on them and they keep getting bigger wat the hell is going on

    • jessica

      Laying on your side increases boob sag because the ligaments are being pulled on. Its best to sleep on your back. All nipple sizes are differnet a d you’re young and they change.

  • Katelinn

    my best friend is flat chested and has the theory that ur boobs will get saggy if u sleep on ur stomache without a bra on because of "gravity" =] appearantly shes retarded =] and ur boobs wont get smaller if u sleep on ur tummy =]

  • Jasmine

    That's like saying your butt will go flat if you sit on it too much. All thats happening is your boobs are being pressed more tightly against your chest, but their not ACTUALLY going to flatten.

  • lol of course they won't go flat. I've been sleeping on my tummy my whole life. I've got boobs since I was eight (weird, I know) & I'm 17 now. I wear a 34C & they're still as round as ever lol

  • tag ur it

    my friend is flat chested and blames it on sleeping on her tummy
    but she also says that you wont get fat if you lay on your tummy after a meal
    i'm testing that theory

  • bubbles

    uh…i dont think thats possible unless you lie on your stomach every night for years and years and years. if you have only been doing that for a few weeks or months, i dont think that its really going to affect you. i used to think that i had scoliosis cause i slouch so much, but a doctor checked me and said i was fine. your just imagining that your getting flatter.