why does my stomach hurt when i have sex?

Question: Sometimes it hurts when I have sex with my boyfriend. I get sharp pains in my stomach. How can I make sex less painful?

Answer: Ouch. Here are a few things that could be causing your aching belly:

1) If pain only happens at certain times of the month, it could be related to your ovulatory cycle. That’s because the ovaries can get sensitive when you ovulate.

2) Speaking of ovaries, pain can also be caused by ovarian cysts.

3) Then again, it could just be that your partner is hitting your cervix. That can be helped by changing positions.

4) A medical condition like endometriosis can also be the culprit. Endometriosis happens when uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus.

5) Another possibility is pelvic inflammatory disease. This is a condition that affects the reproductive organs. It can develop if infections like gonorrhea or chlamydia go untreated. Because gonorrhea and chlamydia often have no symptoms, a lot of people have no idea that they even have an infection in the first place.

Even if sex feels fine the next time you have it, it would be wise to get checked out. If the pain is related to something medical, that’s not something you want to ignore.

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  • Mimi Loki

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for awhile now . But recently I’ve been having real bad stomach pains from sex. But it only happens when he is doing it doggy style or from the side . But the pain will go away after a few minutes . What is going on ? I’m worried !!

  • Machae Batty

    my stomach hurts all the time even during sex and the doctor doesn’t know what it could be I need help.

  • nneangel

    i feel pain in abdomen if it ha
    ppnd dat my leg was raised up while having sex could it be dat my guy’s prick is hittn on a wrng place or is there a problem?

  • nneangel

    i feel pain in abdomen if it ha
    ppnd dat my leg was raised up could it be dat my guy’s prick is hittn on a wrng place or is there a problem?

  • dre

    I had sex 9 times with the same guy in two days. And I have bad stomach pain. He came in me twice. Yea im on birth control but birth control doesn’t always work. Im scared I might be pregnant.. help me!! I don’t wanna be a mom at a young age

  • Dorca

    I have this pain yesterday and it was my first time my stomach get hurt after having sex as if i will have my period.I dont know what does that mean.

  • stephyy

    Today I had sex if my boyfriend and it always feels good but today I fault sharp pain and I also have not had my period thiis month can anyone give me an answer

  • angel

    I just got the same pain tonight it drove me crazy bcus me and my fiance have no clue on why it was happening. He got scared everytime i said it hurt 🙁 but we still went at it bcus we are trying to start a family now 🙂 but its hard too now bcus of the stupid sharp pain i just started to get… If anyone knows what it is or why its happening please help me out, i would really appreciate it :). Thankyou 🙂

  • pandabear\(=.=)/

    I have sharp pain in like the middle of my stomach …it hurts like i’m rejecting food caude it kinda makes me sick i think when we all have sex when we like tighten our stomach the insides get hurt.. Cause yeah but its only happened to me the day after sex.

  • Jenny

    This is happening to me. It really hurts i even feel like crying because its painful in my andominal area. i feel bad because my boyfriend gets scared.. My stomach hurts me for two days the third day when we have sex after five minutes later it starts hurting no matter what position we try so we stop from doing it:/ i wonder why does that happen it naver happened me before .

  • Ali <3

    i ALWAYS get sharp pains in my stomach, but they go away in about 5 minutes…

    • Linda

      The same thing happens to me.It’s not every time my boyfriend and I have sex it just happens every now and then and I want to
      know why also.

  • Ali <3

    i ALWAYS get sharp pains in my stomach, but they go away in about 5 minutes…

  • alexis

    idk about this one ……..still a vergin

  • Heather

    lol, i've had something like this happen a few times before.
    it'll be all fine and dandy and then cramp. lol, just a random cramp and then it'll go away almost instantly (i think it's usually in my lower side or around my hips)

  • tes

    i think all of us girlies have had this happen to us before. just talk to your boyfriend and ask if he could take things a little slower and more gentle, sometimes slower is more of a turn on and you can relax more. try one or two new positions and see how that feels and it could be that he is not angled right in you and is hitting all the wrong spots.

  • Kel

    This has happened to me as well, but I was diagnosed with fibroids. My gyno says that your partner can definitely hit the wrong spot and can cause pain with fibroids (non-cancerous cysts in the uterus).

  • me2

    hey it happens for me too, but im assuming its him, cuz he is a lot bigger than normal and im a small girl, and he is so big that even changing positions we can't get together and have him not hit the cervix…not with him being fully in, what else can be done about that?