are there any reasons to be on the pill besides not getting pregnant?

Question: Are there any reasons to be on the pill besides not getting pregnant?

Answer: Yup!

There are actually a number of common reasons that a doctor will prescribe the pill which have nothing to do with pregnancy prevention.

Here are four:

1) Certain types of birth control can help clear up acne.
2) The pill can help regulate irregular periods.
3) Girls with really heavy periods and bad cramps are sometimes put on the pill to help relieve their symptoms.
4) Medical conditions, like polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis can be treated with the pill.

Plus, the pill actually reduces a woman’s risk of developing ovarian and endometrial cancer!

The pill isn’t for everyone. It makes some girls moody. Others get side effects like headaches and nausea. And there are health conditions that could make it dangerous to be on the pill. But for women whose doctors okay it, the pill can be really helpful to deal with a whole bunch of things that have nothing to do with preventing potential baby making.

Have any of you been prescribed the pill for non-contraceptive reasons? How did your parents react?

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  • Kelly

    hey, don't stress.
    I've been on the pill for about 8 months or so and I love it.
    I'm anemic, and this way, I can function without taking really gross iron supplements for around the same price, plus I have the bonus of not worrying about my insanely heavy period.
    I don't know anything about which pills prevent acne, though I've heard YAZ does. I was on Mononessa, but that one wasn't strong enough. I don't remember which one I'm on now, but I've had no problems since.
    Even when you forget your pill and get your period, it's a lot lighter, so it's nice. Mine were 7 days, 3 of which were so heavy that I had trouble sleeping at night even with an overnight maxipad with wings. I'd double up just to be safe and still wake up a mess. Now I don't stress when I get my period, whether it was because I forgot my pill or because my cycle got off.
    Overall, it's been really nice being on the pill. I don't know that I've experienced much weight gain, because I'm still growing, and I was underweight before anyway, so I have no idea whether that was from the pill or because I finally grew, but I wouldn't worry. Other girls who have experienced said it wasn't too hard to lose, and personally, any weight I've gained has been unnoticeable.

  • soknowwhaturgoingthr

    well some pills r just to regulate ya menses…n hormones

  • shelly

    well i was just perscribed the pill and i know its dumb but it kinda makes me nervous. Ive herd a lot of positive things about the pill but negagtives aswell. What is the difference between 21 day packs and 28? do all pills clear up acne, if not which ones do and which ones dont?

  • barbara

    i am on the pill for pmdd. i was on a low dose one but it wasn't working for some of my symptoms so my doctor put me on yaz and it works really good. i have my period for about 3 days and its also really light. i am sexually active but my boyfriend and i always use a condom because i am on the pill only for a medical condition.