i have hair around my nipples. is this normal?

Question: I have hair around my nipples. Is this normal?

Answer: Yup–and common, too.

When I teach sex ed, I try really hard not to reinforce the idea that it’s weird for girls to have body hair. I make sure to avoid seemingly neutral statements like, "During puberty, boys and girls both develop underarm and pubic hair, and boys also begin to grow hair on their faces and chests." That’s because this kind of casual comment can make girls who have body hair feel like furry freaks.

The fact is, as they get older, boys (as well as a lot of girls) develop more hair all over their bodies. It is really common for girls to get hair above their upper lips, around their nipples, between their breasts and on their stomachs. Does this make them unfeminine or weird? Nope it just means they have body hair.

If you have body hair that bugs you, you can always remove it. In fact, there is a whole industry out there trying to get you to do just that! But if it doesn’t bother you, feel free to leave it. Despite the fact that you rarely see it in magazines, hair on places other than your head is perfectly normal and harmless.

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  • unicorns freak

    i get them too, but I’m scared to pluck it because I’ve heard that can cause infection and plucking reeaaalllyyyy hurts :c is there any way to permanently remove them without laser hair surgery or whatever? nothing too expensive please 🙂

  • bianca

    I have hair around my nipples and it’s so embarrassing because i don’t want my boyfriend to see it!! How do i get rid of it fast without coming back, and without getting laser treatment!?!? help me please!!

  • Mary

    I have the same promblem, I have a long flowing mane of hair growing out and around my nipples. I have started to groom it every day first with using leave in conditionar then straighting it, next I braid it and lastly wrap it around my nippples. This makes me look two cup sizes larger. I'm starting to grow a mustache and I'm wondering if I should do the same thing.

  • Chrissy

    Ugh! I hate hair!
    I have it everywhere!!
    Like on my stomach & back arms
    even by my butt! haha it really sucks.
    Also by the back of my neck.
    & i really get freaked out when my crush
    grabs my neck or my arms.
    But i dont wanna shave my neck lol
    Ugh i wish it would dissapear.

    • Tom Taber

      Hi ! Chrissy ,My name is Tom and for all my life I have always loved & sought girls that lots of beautiful body hair , It add’s to the to a women’s sexuality.W e all have hair all over some more than others It’s natural !! I was around in the sixths when it was very cool for girls to let the hair grow on their legs & underarms I personally love it then &still do !!! I am sure you will
      Have no problems with the guys. Beside most of the world does not remove body hair KEEP IT!!! From a guy who loves body hair

  • Bri

    I absolutely hate it, I have it on my underarms, but I wax that now because shaving causes it to be darker and my private spot is so hairy and near my butt crack too! On my arms, it's whatever! Now I hardly shave my legs and you know everything because I live in the Philippines now where they don't really care about hair besides your underarms, if americans weren't such bullies, we could all just leave our HAIRS alone right? I'm not saying that americans are mean and stupid, I'm just saying that a good population of them are. Leave your hair alone, WHO CARES! It counts what's in the inside anyways.

  • bubbles

    sure, the truth is, we have hair all over our body! (omg!) even girls have hair in places like on their gut or back. they just aren't like your armpit hair, its fuzz. so dont freak.


  • karin

    ok so i shave my armpits like every other day and my legs mayb once a week..but down there i only shave around..cuz i dont have a bf so i dont see the point..if i kno im gonna b hanging out with a guy and think somethings gonng ahppen i will..but other than that i leave it alone. its too much trouble to worry about.

  • goid

    hey guys, hair is okay. it happens to everybody. yeah, you might get embarrased by it but things happen lol. u know?
    like, idk. u get hair..it's a natural lifestyle & there's nothing you can do about it.

  • Jessy,

    i shave all of my pubs and my underarm hair, and my leg hair. It's one of those " if i jump in the shower, i gotta do it!" things. Sometimes I even rate it's importance over washing my hair. But I must say that when I see someone with armpit hair or I see their hair poking out from their bikini, I get sortof grossed out. I think it's just because over the last hundred years body hair on women has been going increasingly out of style. Like girls wearing skirts. Before they all had skirts and body hair. Now they all have jeans and no hair. It's a trend. But I know a lot of women who wear their hair with pride. I know I couldn't do it, but it's your personal choice and if you want it, then everyone else who's worth anything should accept you for what you choose to be, not what hair your sporting.

  • danni

    i have this one cury dark hair under my nipple, my "down there" is a jungle, i have a little dark line up to my belly button and my armpits are stubly by the end of the day.
    i only shave my arm pits once a week.
    i had an areobics competition comming up and well, the leotard left little to the imagination.. i decided to shave just the very outside of my pubes but now i have a little rash there so I think next time i wear a leotard i'm just going to be proud of my hair you know.. its normal and if people are staring well let 'em!

  • Rachel

    I shave a lot of my body…even my arms, during the summer. It's a personal thing. I only shave anything if it's going to be really exposed… I have sensitive skin and scar easily, so if I do it too often I have ingrown hairs and scars all over.

  • anglica

    okay. hair.mmmm. wow. ahahaaa!
    its just normal. i get on my skinny stomach.lol
    so yeaaaaaa.
    dont freak with hair. besides you probably
    barley ever get any chickkkkaaa (:

  • Laura

    I kno its perfectly normal for girls to grow all kinds of hair. and the hairy nipples thing…..I have like 4 or 5 around each and they're the only black ones on my body but my boyfriend doesn't care. when i shave/pluck, i get those to….when i remember. its really not a big deal at all.

  • Sabrina

    that stupied

    • sara

      *That’s. *stupid.

  • Mandi

    I only shave the hair on my underarms maybe once a week… And I'm one of those girls that already has stubble by the end of the school day. I get really bad ingrown hairs and have scars in my pits from them… So I just started not caring all that much :]

  • lily

    i wish i didn't have to shave, but once when i forgot to shave my pits before a ballet class, everyone was looking at me like i was a freak. it's so stupid. everyone has the stuff, so why should we get all hung up about it? wooooo…body hair! spooky! lol

  • lizbeth

    uuuuummmm ok ok well i dnt think dat ppl or anybody shud feel like a harry freak lol i mean like if ur hairy n udc den leave it shaving,waxing etc is a personal choice if u wnt to den go 4 it! if not den np! lol its all on u n wat U wnt….

  • Elizabeth

    I hate the fact that I feel like I have to remove the hair from my legs and underarms. Most of the time, I don't shave or wax and just let it grow, but that means I always wear pants and shirts with sleeves that don't show my underarms.
    I only shave my legs when I need to wear shorts or a skirt or for when I see my boyfriend, because he likes it when my legs are smooth. I wax my underarms every couple of weeks. I wish I could just leave the hair, but then people, even in college or on the streets, would comment and make fun of me. People think that girls who don't shave are unfeminine (read: feminists or lesbians) or hippies. I just don't think there's anything wrong with body hair, on girls or guys.

  • noe

    I love hair, especially not having to shave it lol