i have hair around my nipples. is this normal?

Question: I have hair around my nipples. Is this normal?

Answer: Yup–and common, too.

When I teach sex ed, I try really hard not to reinforce the idea that it’s weird for girls to have body hair. I make sure to avoid seemingly neutral statements like, "During puberty, boys and girls both develop underarm and pubic hair, and boys also begin to grow hair on their faces and chests." That’s because this kind of casual comment can make girls who have body hair feel like furry freaks.

The fact is, as they get older, boys (as well as a lot of girls) develop more hair all over their bodies. It is really common for girls to get hair above their upper lips, around their nipples, between their breasts and on their stomachs. Does this make them unfeminine or weird? Nope it just means they have body hair.

If you have body hair that bugs you, you can always remove it. In fact, there is a whole industry out there trying to get you to do just that! But if it doesn’t bother you, feel free to leave it. Despite the fact that you rarely see it in magazines, hair on places other than your head is perfectly normal and harmless.

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  • jasmin

    Im 15 and I have hair everywhere and it bugs me a lot. My mum and dad won’t let me shave them and take them off. But I really want to.

  • Krisa

    Thank u for telling me this. I always thought it wasn’t normal for me to have body hair when I’m a teen girl. I’ve always been a little insecure of myself with this fact cuz I haven’t seen many girls with hair on their butt, lower back, and stomach.

  • Lita

    I have hair on my nipples and on my neck (not a lot just enough to irritate me and drive me nuts) I shave that crap off; it looks weird on me and makes me feel horrible. I know it’s prolly because i’m german/irish (dad) and irish/native american (mom) so they are kinda hairy lol. but yeah it sucks.

    • christine

      it is pleasure to hear it.i always tried to remove it.my boy friend suck them now happily.thank you to help to keep my nipples beautifully.