can i control how wet i get?

Question: I get really wet down there and it’s embarrassing. Can I control this?

Answer: Though when it comes to sex, I am a firm believer in the mind/body connection, I don’t think the average gal can will herself dry. And really, unless you are gushing buckets, why would you want to?

Getting lubricated is a sign that you are turned on and ready for sex. Being wet helps decrease uncomfortable friction and it can make sex feel a lot better for both partners. Unless you think you might have an infection, it’s not a sign that there is anything wrong. Still not convinced that wet is the way to go? Here are a few things you could try:

  1. If you have sex with guys, have your partner wear a non-lubricated condom.
  2. Have sex in the water.
  3. Go on the birth control pill because one of the side effects can be a decrease in vaginal lubrication.
  4. Grab a towel and dry off when you feel wetter than you would like.

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  • denya

    i get pretty wet too. i used to think i was retarded cuz my bf wud always point it out. but i asked him about it one day and he thinks its amazing and he always says, ‘the wetter, the better!’ so that made me feel good. if its uncomfortable for you just wipe it off, no biggy.

  • blah<3

    Nothing wrong with being wet guys love it.

  • blah<3

    Nothing wrong with being wet guys love it.

  • alexis

    WOW!!!!!!!!! i guess its just natural so wateva !!!!!!

  • Mary

    I am somtimes so wet that we have to stop and take a towel break when my boyfriend and I got in the mood. I use to have to resort to wearing adult diapers when I slept, because I was sleeping in ocean of vaginal liquids. But not anymore because I now place a day old bagguette in my crotch it is a miracle worker and I am perfectly moist all week. You should try it.

  • brianna

    wel i get wet 2 but my boyfriend says am better when im wet lol

  • laurel

    def getting wet not bad at all but id carry an extra pair of panties around.

  • mmmsex.

    if youre alone and youre really horny, but youre too young to buy a vibrator or dildo or whatever, get one of those big sharpies and put it in a condom and goooo tooo workkkkk

  • Rita

    I actually had to leave at "dead" times with my bf to clean me up a little bit. LOL. I don't think he noticed or something, but I don't know… it's awkward. we were just making out… not even fingering or something! but I guess boys get the worst part… when they're hard, everyone notices. ahah.