are you embarrassed to buy condoms?–from the gURL boards

elizzyabeth1016 asks, "how does everyone deal with buying condoms anyway? I bought some the other day just to see what a few different ones entailed and of course some kid my age had to ring up my stuff and hit on me just because he saw the packets. "

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  • hill

    i usually don't buy condoms i leave it 2 the guy. i just think they should supply since they wear it. but i only bought the twice and i wasn't embarrased because i don't know those people at the store, i didn't care. but i used to date this guy that was so ashamed 2 buy them, and i don't see why. because it's expected of boys

  • planned parenthood p

    Any high school student can get condoms for free at a Planned Parenthood office. If you're embarrassed to go to a store to buy them, that might be a good alternative.

  • Aufstandkind

    Sometimes i steal the condoms( i know thats not the best thing to do) but to me its embarassing to buy condoms if your a teenager because people may get the wrong impression of u

  • chav3ly

    I personally am embarresed to buy condoms but dat doesn't mean I'm. Not prepared2 have sex. I belive boy shud buy da condoms since deyll be da one waring it or paying child support if u get pregnant nd if he doesn't want 2 buy them then hez not worth it

  • chav3ly

    I personally am embarresed to buy condoms but dat doesn’t mean I’m. Not prepared2 have sex. I belive boy shud buy da condoms since deyll be da one waring it or paying child support if u get pregnant nd if he doesn’t want 2 buy them then hez not worth it

  • katrina

    one more tip when condom shopping if you're really nervous: which would you rather buy, condoms or a pregnancy test? that should help you get over it.

  • katrina

    I personally have never had the need to go condom shopping (I'm a virgin) but since I'm gonna be entering high school soon, I think I should've kept the free one I got from the Trojan tent at Warped Tour '08. (i gave it to my brother's gf instead)
    but if you must go buy condoms and the cashier gives you weird looks just say "what the hell are you looking at? it's not like I'm gonna use them on you, you potential rapist." funny, insulting, and you get your condoms. it'll work. XD

  • alexa

    I'm 15 turning 16 and abstinent(but i'm not gonna expand on that, it isn't important) and i haven't had to worry about buying condoms but i feel embarrassed when i'm buying a bra or panties you know, but don't let that be the reason you become a teenage mom. Just be responsible(:

  • Tynisha

    i make him buy em'

  • Matiee

    On her and he said''''''

  • Matiee

    Well idk what to say if I were going to buy a condom and the cashier
    Made rude remarks towards me I would keep a straight face and make
    Sure he stopped smiling. Because if you walk away like nothing happened
    There going to feel pretty stupid for makeing a coment that wasn't funny
    And they most likely would think about it for a couple hours!
    I for one will not be having sex untill marrage!
    But buying a condom is nothing to be embarassed about!
    My friend talked to her boyfriend she was dateing for around 9 months
    about having sex. They decided that they were going to try and see if they were ready (if you can buy a condom and get around to start having sex within a couple days then your ready but not if you don't talk about it with each other and talk about ones needs.) she started talking to me about her conversation and plans with her boyfriend were ( her boyfriend knew) and I stopped her
    Before she could finish and said "if your going to have sex no ifs ands or buts and said i'm coming with you to buy the condoms and birth control because no matter what you are not getting pregant anytime soon. ( she told me she was nerves to go buy condoms that's why I said I was going with)" the next day we walked into the store and got the best condoms (exspensive) I bought ( I wanted her to have the best) so I sat there and read each package I walked right up to the cashier and he tried hitting her and I say " sweet two girls that's sexy" and I said right back "excuse me ( with tone) do you think I came here for you to be a perv and ruin my day by hitting on me and my friend I don't think your boss would be very happy to hear your hitting on coustomers like this or should I file charges agiant you?!" of corse all I would do is talk to his boss. But that's what I said

  • Katrina

    I go with my boyfriend to buy condoms, and he is more embarrassed than me to get them. Because of the way he was raised to be real discreet. And I just really don't care what the person at the register thinks. They've done it at one point in their life, or have wanted to.

  • Rachel

    If your really embarrassed, go through the self check out at Wal-Mart. ;]

  • stAr

    its a bit embarasssing but i rather be embarassed buying a comdom then being embarassed that i got an STD. i'll suck it up and buy it.. no biggie