discuss: is it gross NOT to shave down there?

Question: Is it gross not to shave down there? I’m a virgin and I’m not planning on having sex any time soon but I was just curious–do more girls/women keep it or get rid of it?

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  • Jemimavilsaint

    Well Ima a virgin (thank god!) nd I’m starting to stop shaving down there because I feel like if I do I’ll have more of a urge to do it because to me growing up hairless is hot! It’s just the fact that I want to start going into trimming because my hair is really thick and curly (hope it doesn’t sound awkward) but yeah it is nd it’s grosssss to have this tree poke out of your underwear…. I just wanna find out how to get my girly parts nice and neat instead of this monstar I look at everytime I shower xc I’m in the 9th grade btw I’m young but it’s brothers me