discuss: how long did you wait?

Question: How long did were you dating your bf (or gf) before you had sex? How old were you? Do you wish you waited longer? I am almost 20 and have been dating my bf for about a month. We are both virgins. I want to wait at least 4 months before I sleep with him and he’s okay with that. I just wanted some perspective on how that compares with other girls’ experiences.

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  • Elizabeth

    I lost it the day of my high school graduation.
    I was with my bf at the time for about 7mths. and knew him for about 4yrs.

    It wasnt what i expected but it wasnt bad either.
    I was certain i was going to wait till marriage but oh well.

    The best way that i knew that it was time or just the right person was always asking myself if i could see myself having a kid with the guy because at the end of the day the main purpose to have sex is to reproduce. and if you cant see yourself having a kid with the guy then you should think twice because accidents can happen and you never know.

  • Kaylee

    I’m 15 and my boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months. I’ve been trying to decide when I want to have sex with him. I think I want to wait a few more months so I can be completely sure.

  • anne jones

    hey well at my school we r in 7th grade and have not even had one sex ed class and our teacher just tells that we will have a sex ed class once a month and well we have not had one since

  • Cat

    I was 18 before I had sex, it wasn't because I didn't have the opportunity – I knew I could if I really wanted to.

    I had the idea that I was going to get married first.

    Then I changed it to when I started college.

    But I ended up losing it the summer before college, so yeah.

    • anne jones

      well that is okay because i know this one girl in my old schoold she had sex in 5th grade with one of her friends and she said that she hated it. My mom is not rally huge on the wait till you r married part but she tells me and my older brother that we should be safe about it.