voters agree: eggs aren’t people

A lot of amazing changes occurred as a result of the election, as well as a few not-so-amazing ones.

In addition to electing Barak Obama president, voters in many states also had the opportunity to vote on a number of ballot initiatives.

One of those that passed was a California initiative called Proposition 8. Because it passed, gay marriage is again illegal in that state. This is a huge blow for the GLBT community and the 18,000 people who got married while it was still legal.

But two important initiatives did not pass. One was a sweeping South Dakota ban on abortion. This is the second time that state has tried and failed to criminalize this medical procedure.

Another that failed was a Colorado initiative called Amendment 48. Had it passed, this amendment would have given a fertilized egg the exact same rights as a living person! It was designed to “define the term ‘person’ to include any human being from the moment of fertilization as ‘person’ if used in those provisions of the Colorado constitution relating to inalienable rights, equality of justice, and due process of law.”

Passing it would have resulted in severe limitations on women’s access to health care. Things like abortion and even forms of birth control (like emergency contraception and the pill) could have become illegal! Additionally, women who have serious medical conditions like cancer could have been denied treatment if it posed a risk to the fertilized egg.

Supporters explained that they wanted the bill to pass, “to see that the Colorado state constitution is amended to include pre-born from the moment of fertilization as having their ‘personhood’ clearly established, so that they may enjoy equal protection under the law.”

While it might sound nice to “protect the pre-born,” it’s not so nice when we realize that doing so will be at the expense of already-living women and girls. There is a very big difference between a fertilized egg and a human being and for supporters of this Amendment to say otherwise is simply ignoring reality in favor of a ideologically driven fantasy.

What pregnant women need is better access to prenatal care (a nice yoga class or massage wouldn’t hurt either…) What they don’t need is more policing.

Though the initiative in Colorado and South Dakota are currently off the table, I doubt it will be the last we hear of something like this. Though the majority of Americans have made it clear that they support abortion rights, those who don’t can be very vocal.

What are your thoughts on abortion? What rights (if any) should we give to a fertilized egg?

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  • Hayden

    Well if anything, in my opinion I feel that it should be the womans decision carrying the baby of whether to get an abortion or not. Sure, yes, thete are other options to consider, which can result of having the baby and putting it into another persons homewhere tje baby is to be raised and guranteed a better life, but Colorado going this far to prevent abortions is ridiculous. Women and minors who are women use birth control for other reasons other than sexuaul intercourse, unbearable menstural cycles have to be considered. However, before posting this I should say I do not agree with abortion nor disagree, women often have abortions because they are unable to take care of their own baby because they are under age or not suitable in the first place. The government should not be able to decide a law that takes away rights away from women especially when it concerns the fate of their baby, however, in some cases fetuses should be treaten as real people, but should not be given human rights until born. But as a woman, I have to agree with the mother and respect ger for her outstanding courage, independency, and her stamina.

  • alexis

    While I understand the beliefs of Pro-lifers, I am Pro-Choice.
    Calling an embryo a baby and saying that people have no right to choose whether they kill whats in THEIR own bodies is like saying a judge can decide to put a man on death row because he killed someone trying to murder his wife. That would be taking a life also, but a reason.
    While it is true that girls and women should be doing everything they can to prevent pregnancy, that does not mean it doesn't happen. Some women are not in a right state to take care of a child, or go through pregnancy. Just because you are having sex does not mean your ready for a baby, and while it is in your body it is exactly that; YOURS.
    A woman has a right to choose. If someone doesn't like abortion, don't bother with it. But do not bash other women and call them immoral, irresponsible ect. because they know their child will most likely die because she can not take care of it.
    Adoption is also an option, but if you are pro-adoption, or cant have children then you go find a mother who is trying to decide whether to have an abortion or give it up for adoption and take it. There are many children up for adoption already, so take one of them
    But making abortion illegal will take awa a woman's rights to choose whether to keep something growing in HER body, or not.
    Just think about it, you obviously don't need to agree with me, but just think.

  • Anne

    If you can't handle the child, don't abort it, put it up for adoption instead!!!

  • Roxane

    Why is it that it is illegal to kill innocent people, yet we go around killing millions of innocent fetuses?

  • Serena

    Why Abortion SHOULD be illegal:
    1)A fetus may not technically alive, but it is growing, and thus, slowly becoming alive
    2)Just because abortion is possible, doesn't make it right.
    3)The fetus could potentially grow up to change the world
    4)Every woman who is pregnant is pregnant for a reason. Whether it's because she needs to learn some responsiblility and account for her actions (teen pregnancy) or because she deserves a child.
    REMEMBER: Children are a gift, NOT a punishment. It's such a big thing now about not abusing children, yet we go killing millions of fetuses, which potentially will eventually be children.

  • Andrea

    The reality is a girl who ends up pregnant is a COMPLETE IDIOT.
    It's like HONESTLY really.
    What the heck do you think the point of having
    sex is?
    Gosh. Society is pathetic.(:

  • someone

    try my situation if you really think im horrible then you know what so are you. REally think again and realize the reason I think everyone should have a choice. I'm 25 I have had a miscarriage and an abortion. First of all I got pregnant at a young age and lost the child later on when I was ready I got pregnant again learned then after that I was going to have a very trouble pregnancy as well I had cancer (alot of people in my family have suffered from it) The doctor said to me simply I would not be able to safely have my pregnancy, I would not be able to get treatment for the cancer that was progressing and the fact I would have troubled pregnancy anyway would only make my body worst. He told me if I even managed to go through the pregnancy I'd die giving birth but more then likely both me and my child would die and he offered me an alternative which was abortion in which he assured me the cancer would be treated pretty easily caught early as it was and i would be able to have otehr children. So, the hardest choice I made was to have the abortion of a baby I never got to know. Now a few years later I have given birth to a child who if I never choose abortion would of never been born and to me that would of been the sin because in my opinion it was faith that my life happened the way it did and I still think about that child and pray someday we'll meet again.

  • Leanna Maureen Brown

    To Nikki:
    "Save lives, keep abortion legal."
    That is the most ridiculous statement ever. How about we legalise everything since people will still do it anyway! *rolls eyes*

  • Leanna Maureen Brown

    Heyley, here is what I have to say about your post….
    "1) What if a girl gets pregnant and needs an abortion but they are illegal. She has abusive parents that find out and hurt her."
    She should not have been sleeping around if she knew her parents were going to hurt her if she did. If i got pregnent right now my parents would throw me onto the streets, but I would still give my baby a chance because IT WOULD BE MY OWN FAULT FOR HAVING SEX BEFORE I WAS READY TO HAVE A BABY.
    "2) You can't afford to take care of a child and you can't afford to be pregnant because it's expensive"
    You should not have had sex if you could not provide for a child. Children are expensive and you have to be responsible with your sexual relationships because you know the consiquenses and you will have to follow through with your decision to have sex. Abortion would be the easy way out of your mistake.
    "3) No one to help you raise it."
    If you do not feel emotionaly stable to be a single parent then give it up to one of the hundreds of people who have been waiting YEARS to have a child. It may not be easy to give away your own child but then you will be giving it a chance of life. a chance to do something in the world. In my opinion, that makes you a good mother.
    "4) Not ready to be a parent."
    Then don't have sex. Don't punish the poor child for YOUR irresponsiblity.
    "5) You don't like the idea of adoption because you're child could end up being in foster care till they are 18."
    Where did you get this information? I know people who have waited for 5 years to adopt a child. Most children in foster care did not enter foster care when they were a newborn. They were orphaned or abused at an older age. Even if the child were to be in foster care for the rest of childhood killing the baby would not be any better. Give it a chance.
    "6) The earth is already over populated."
    No it is not. We have resources to support many times the amount of poeple we have on earth today. The only reason the earth SEEMS over populated is because of greed. People are taking more then their fairr share.
    "7)The child would be born into a bad situation."
    Then I suggest they put it into a GOOD situation by giving it to those loving parents who want a baby.
    "8) The child is going to be horribly disabled"
    So disabled people have less of a right to live then non-disabled people? This one REALLY makes me mad. I have a disabled BROTHER. He has every right to live as you and I.
    "9) The baby is a production of rape."
    Rape is horrible. It is evil and corrupt. But the child still deserves a chance to live. Ethel Waters (a gospel singer)was a so-called "production of rape." Enen "productions of rape" can make a difference in the world.
    "10) A fertilized egg is not conscious life therefore it is does not know what it is missing out on."
    A fertilized egg will develop into a so-called "conscious life." He or she will not know what it is missing out on but many forms of "conscious life" will miss out on them. For example:
    The woman who has a miscarrage every time she gets pregnent. The docter said that it is not safe for her to get pregnent again. She has been waiting to adopt for nearly a decade. She feels depressed and alone and no one seems to understand her. She has stepped away from her husband and all other family. The fertilized egg you speak of may give her hope for a future since she may be the one to adopt it.
    The many starving homeless children in India. The fertilized egg you speak of may build a free school that gives them an education and food so that they will live past the age of 30 and get a job to support a family.
    A man to the point of suicide 100 years in the future who reads the fertilized egg you speak of life story. The story gives him the power he needs to live on.
    I am sure many poele are suffering right now because there are many unfilled holes in our race. Holes created by those who abort those who may be great. Here are real-life examples:
    1. There’s a preacher and wife who are very, very, poor. They already have 14 kids. Now she finds out she’s pregnant with the 15th. They’re living in tremendous poverty. Considering their poverty and the "excessive world population" *rolls eyes*, would you consider recommending she get an abortion?
    If you would abort this child, you have just killed John Wesley one of the great evangelists in the 19th century.
    2. The father is sick with sniffles, the mother has TB. They have 4 children. 1st is blind, 2nd is deaf, 3rd is deaf, 4th has TB. She finds she’s pregnant again. Given the extreme situation, would you consider recommending abortion?
    Congrats music lovers! You have killed Beethoven! (by the way that was sarcasem)
    3. A teenage girl is pregnant. She’s not married. Her fiancé is not the father of the baby, and he’s very upset. Would you consider recommending abortion?
    If you would choose abortion, you have killed Jesus.
    Well you see what I mean about holes in our race. Imagine life without these poeple!
    "11) Pregnancy is horrible for the body of a teenage girl and it would be healthier for the girl to abort than to go through with the pregnancy."
    Teens should not have intercource in the first place if they are so worried about their body. Their mistake. Not the child's.
    "12) Why should you care what other people do with their "children"? Isn't it better to have gotten an abortion than to find dead babies in trashcans and stuff?"
    Abortion IS putting a dead baby in a trashcan. People fail to understand that abortion is just as bad. I care about what other poeple do with their children because I care about the human race. During an abortion the docter sucks up the baby's body parts one by one and crushes their head. That is immoral.
    "13) Some girls would have to hide that they are pregnant and might not even go to the hospital to have their pregnancy which could endanger their lives."
    Then why did they have sex in the first place? These girls should think about things like this BEFORE intercourse.
    "…. There are sooo many more reasons why abortion has more positive aspects than negative ones Just start thinking." Oh I thought about this for two hours. I found a lot more negitives. You should do some reasearch.Just saying.