do you really know how your parents feel about sex ed?

When it comes to an issue like sex education, do you really know what your parents think?  A lot of teens assume that their parents are more conservative on this issue than they actually are.  But despite what you might think, the majority of parents support real sex education for teens.

Studies have been finding this for years, but the most recent one to confirm this just came out of Washington D.C, a city with a very high teen pregnancy rate and the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in ANY American city.

The study was done by Metro Teen AIDS and Healthy Youth DC. It found that in Washington D.C. a whopping 93% of parents support comprehensive sex education! 

It also found that, "Almost all parents (96.5%) believe that sex education should occur before youth are sexually active. Local data from the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that 30.6% of students in middle school stated that they have already had sex and 10.0% said they first had sex before
the age of 11."

Sometimes politicians opposed to comprehensive sex education try to make it seem like they are simply trying to reflect the values of the general public. In reality, what this study (and others) has found is that the generally public generally wants you to know the facts.

Have you ever talked to your parents about sex ed? I'm curious to know their thoughts.

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  • Kayla

    my parents supoert sex ed b4 puberty….but they are totally against me r any other person under the age of 17 doin it.theyd b really afraid of me getting pregnant r having a STI.m scared of that happenin too bt i take precautions.

  • Jicki

    You know what my parents would kill me if I ever talked about sex with them. They think sex is sacred and taboo

  • Miaka

    personally parents dont always know "the time " to tell their kids about sex they worry about telling them too soon sometimes it could be a negative thing until its 2 l8
    my stepdad freaked out when i told him i knew a litte more than him :

  • SarahPan

    Whether or not parents support sex ed at school, every parent should be talking to their own kids about sex at home. I have two teens and have talked to both of them about sex, the importance of safe sex, stds, teen pregnancy, emotional consequences, etc. I can only trust they are making good choices, but at least they have the information. I recommend reading books by Dr. Meg Meeker, an expert in the field, who gives really great advice on what to say and how to say it. The most recent book I read was Your Kids At Risk: How Teen Sex Threatens Our Sons and Daughters. I highly highly recommend it (you can find it on Good luck parents!

  • Brianne

    Though I have never really talked about sex education with my father (What little I have has felt horribly uncomfortable), I know my mother is very much for sex-ed. I knew where babies came from when I was very little. As I aged, my mother told me the age-appropriate truth. Though she has now sort of stopped answering my questions (the word masturbation makes her cringe), she is all for me learning on my own.

  • Jessica

    My mom and I haven't really talked about this. She usually says things like don't have sex and you wont get an STD, then the discussions closed. It's funny because when the movie The 40 year Old Virgin came out I asked my mom wat a virgin was and she said it was someone who hasn't dated anyone yet so I was like "Ooh ooh, i'm not a virgin!" Then in 3rd grade when I asked her how babys were made she said you had to want one so I kept thinking I want a baby, no maybe I dont. lol

  • Kelly

    My parents dont support it. I know nothing. .__.

  • cydmarie

    my parents frankly never ever had the talk with me.
    until this day they still haven't. [too late, don't you think?!]
    it's like they have an assumtion that once we're teens it just hits us alonq with puberty.
    well luckily my parents found out about me havinq sex but of course it sucked in the manner they found out.
    i blame them for never speakinq to me about it but i understand why they never did.
    my parents were so over protective & since my older sister wasn't "doinq it"; then i for sure wasn't.
    parents should talk to there kids about sex as soon as possible & just qive there child their thouqht on it & what they wish for the best that they won't have sex before marriaqe.

  • brooke

    My name is brooke xD
    im in grade nine, and (almost) everyone in my class are not virgins including me
    ive had sex alot of times and damn it was good!
    My mother and I do discuss about me having sex and she says its a good thing im having sex at my age because then im not a first timer when i get olderr.
    I be's peacing xD!

  • adanarama

    I have very open, honest and understanding parents who have no problem talking to me about sex and support comprehensive sex education. I'm very grateful that they let me speak freely as my comfort with discussing sex with my boyfriend has made our relationship much more pleasant.

  • chelsea

    my parents are different about sex ed. like, my dad is totally opposed to teaching about hiv/aids (i'm not sure why…he just really really is) in sex ed. my mom isn't. they both feel like sex ed is important.
    my dad feels that you should know as much as you "need" to know…but nothing more. basically that sex ed should be mostly left to the parents, which is ironic because we've never talked about sex at all.
    my mom has gotten more and more frank and open with me as i've gotten older.

  • Elinor

    I've talked to both my parents on the issue, but as I'm 19 and engaged it's probably easier for me than for younger girls. Both my parents agree with comprehensive sex ed. They're both quite religious, my mum was a virgin till her wedding night (I haven't asked my dad whether he was, lol), but they recognise that what's right for them, may not be right for someone else.

  • Cheybelle

    I have Sex ed next year and quite frankly im proud to know that by junior high all the kids in my homeroom class are virgins.

  • Duct

    My parents are definitely proponents of sex education in schools. They both think it is a necessary part of education, and that it may be better for parents to teach their kids about it, but you can't assume the parents will actually take the time to do that.
    In addition, there are some things you just can't ask your parents, like 'Is it dangerous for me to drink my partner's urine?', for example.

  • Nikia

    my mom has always kept it real about sex but sadly my father is not comfortable talking about the issue

  • Denise

    I’ve talked to both my parents about it at differnt times. My mom thinks it nessasary. She knows that teens r going to have sex and they need to be educated.
    My dad thinks its better to be educated then to not know anything
    I think sex-ed is needed for everyone. I never though my dad (the republican who was in the army) Would be so libral