england to start teaching sex ed in kindergarten

While Americans were busy debating whether or not a high school senior was old enough to be taught anything other than abstinence-only education, England decided to implement a comprehensive sex education program beginning in kindergarten!

It’s not that such an idea had never been heard on American soil. A few months ago, Barack Obama suggested just that–but his suggestion did not see a program like this put into place. Instead, his comments were met with outrage from some camps who claimed Obama was a pervert for even raising the topic, implying that he wanted to teach five year olds how to have sex.

Though the new decision has been controversial in the UK, the British school system (unlike ours) hasn

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  • cynthia

    I have a very strong opinion about this article. I think that if they are teaching 5 year olds about sex that it is WRONG! I think that if they are teaching them how to respect their body and how to respect other people then that is ok. Like what some one else said, if they are teaching them how not to touch people and how they shouldn't be touch then that is too, ok. But they shouldn't be teaching them about puberty because they got years until that and at that age they will probably forget when it is needed.

  • brandie

    For everyone who thinks that 5 year olds are going to be taught about contraceptaves- theyre NOT. the basis for the kindergarteners says theyre taught about friends and feelings. the classes will get more complex as the years progress. read the paragraph again and you'll understand. you've got it all wrong…

  • Sarah

    I agree with the person who said calling it sex-ed is part of why Americans get confused and don't like it. Here, "sex ed" is called FLE, "Family Life Education", both in 5th/6th grade when they tell us about puberty and whatnot, and in the more traditional high school class.

  • Half_Jill

    Maybe sex ed is the wrong thing to call this, damn our government confusing people!
    People get the wrong idea and jump to conclusions when the word 'sex' is involved.
    I reckon social ed. is far more fitting to call it as it's a much broader thing, seeing as it's all about 'self awareness'. We call it social ed in my school. Sex ed comes under that as a more select topic.

  • liza

    hi my mom said my friend got malestated by one her friends (not anymore)older sister . what does that mean in terms

  • rosey

    i dont think that the stuff kindergarteners would learn in a program like that can really be called sex ed. when people think of sex ed, they think of contraceptives and body systems and all that stuff, which your obviously not going to be teaching to 5 year old. if they just describes the program as it was (good and bad touching, how to manage feeling etc) it would probably get a lot more support.

  • Blake

    I think the country with the very best sex-ed is Germany.
    Has anyone ever seen their little pamphlet and book?

  • Ashley

    Exactly. We all know little kids like to tattle, but don't like to be in trouble. If a child doesn't know something is bad, they're not going to tattle. If they think they're in trouble and that's why this is being done to them or if they think telling is going to get them in trouble, they're not going to. Plain and simple. I wish so many people weren't so ignorant and entrapped in their belief systems to actually care about the well being of a living, breathing, born human life like that of a kindergarten child. We need to stop focusing on abortion and saving unborn lives and focus on saving and bettering those of the already living.

  • hannah

    i kind of wish that i had been taught like that. i mean i knew everything by the time was 10. but its not like i wasnt mature enough then. its not a bad idea if you think about it. it really seems like a GOOD idea. i dont know,it just seems like a good idea to me to get kids clued in on whats wrong when it comes to sex, and whats right. a while ago when i was at my friends house this 7 year old girl told us her stepfather would touch her. if that little girl had been taught that, it wouldnt be happening.

  • Ashley

    I have an important comment for this article. I'm pretty sure the sex-ed that Obama was looking to add to kindergarten learning was the difference between male and female and also the difference between right and wrong touching. I see no problem with that. There are too many abused children to turn a cold shoulder on teaching important values to our youth if their parents won't. I can speak from slight experience since I have a dear friend that was molested as a child. He didn't tell his family for years. And about 15 years after the incident, told me and no one else. It was a terrible burden for even myself to hold. To know that a small child was so embarrassed about what had happened and felt so guilty that he didn't tell anyone. That maybe he thought he was a bad kid or deserved it and couldn't tell the story. If children were taught at a young age about the importance of their body and how it's theirs' and shouldn't be abused I think self-esteem and some heart-breaking mental illnesses could be put behind us in some cases. No, don't teach young kindergartens that a man and woman have sex and how and what they use to prevent it, but teach children the differences in sexes and the respect that comes with it. Maybe then our world would be even more unified and women would be treated more equal and have ever-standing rights in the federal government to her own body and what she chooses to do with it.

  • Bryony

    I live in the UK and this is the first time in ages I've been proud of something my country's doing. I'm 16 and when I was first taught sex ed when I was 11, we were taught about puberty and how you might feel about your body changing etc, which was fine, but then sex was talked about purely as the physical process. We didn't have anything about relationships, contraception, sexual orientation etc. Then we were left alone until it was time for "so, if you need an abortion come to the clinic and remember to always ask her age." And that's the better end of the scale. This seems like it'll really make a difference and I wish I'd been taught like that, so it wasn't treated as a lesson that was special and weird.

  • crista

    I think teaching about contraception and puberty is a little much for five year olds. I learned about puberty in 4th grade, which was a fine age. And I think contraception is an appropriate topic for kids in middle school. But I do support the program that was talked about here, where do babies come from, bad touches, etc.