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Living in the United States these days, it’s almost impossible to ignore the topic of abortion.

But what do people really think? According to a September poll conducted by the New York Times and CBS, the majority of Americans believe that abortion should be legal.

In regards to the question, "What is your personal feeling about abortion?" respondents answered in the following way:

  • Permitted in all cases                                31%
  • Permitted with greater restrictions              19%
  • Permitted for rape/incest/save life               28%
  • Only permitted to save the woman’s life      15%
  • Not permitted at all                                   4%
  • Don’t Know /No Answer                             3%

Sometimes, those who are opposed to abortion try to convince people that the majority of the population is also opposed to this medical practice. But as the above poll demonstrates, only 4% actually oppose abortion is all situations.

One of the more manipulative anti-abortion groups is called Feminists for Life. Despite its name, they are anything but.

This is an organization that boasts Sarah Palin as a member and uses the language of female empowerment to justify denying women control of their bodies and reproductive choices. For example, they claim that abortion is a form of violence against women. They also state that, when abortion is an option, a pregnant woman is forced to "choose between pursuing her education and career plans, and sacrificing her child."

Violence against women, education and career opportunities are obvious feminist concerns. But when they are framed in this manner–as if abortion is to blame for injustices faced by women–the actual reasons behind these issues (like wage inequality, intimate partner violence and the sexual double standard) are diminished.

Groups like Feminists for Life say they speak for women and only want to protect women’s interests. But how can a group truly be feminist and speak for women when it doesn’t allow women to speak for themselves and claims it knows what is best for their reproductive health in all circumstances?

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  • zanubea

    ok,well my opinon in this whole abortion thing ,is dat im against abortion but its a personal choice and u cnt stop sumbody from doin it but if i ever whin up pregnant at a time i dnt want no kids n i kno im not ready i would suck it up and accept my responsibly cuz i dnt believe n killin (even though da baby want kno but u would n might feel regretful about it i kno i would)

  • Ashley

    i would have to say im pro choice cause women should be able to choose. i hate the thought of abortion though. idk i just dont understand how someone could kill something thats part of them. i dont think i would ever get one even if i was raped, the baby would be something good that came out of it. girls should have the right to do it.

  • hannah

    pro-choice and pro-abortion are very different. Pro-choice means that you believe the choice should be there, which it SHOULD, because thats what our country is built on: FREEDOM OF CHOICE. pro-choice can go along with almost ANYTHING. in its self, it is not even solely ABOUT abortion. pro-abortion means that you believe in it. that you support it. im Pro-choice. I belive that we shouldnt be ROBBED of the choice, that we should HAVE that option, but i would not get an abortion unless i was a teen.

  • Ashley

    I think it's great that everyone has their own opinion. But that's what they are: opinions. I think abortions should be legal. Period. Weather you agree with it or not is besides the point. If you don't agree with them, it's plain and simple, don't get one. But America is about choices and freedoms and the only opinion that is keeping abortion down is the Christian opinion, for the most part. The world wants to scientifically explain and explore everything else, but still keep moral issues at hand when it comes to a woman's body and abortion. I agree with abortion as long as it's not used as a form of birth control, which was not on the poll. What I mean by that is: A woman should have the right to make a mistake or accidentally become pregnant and have the right to abort that fetus, but be required to take birth control after-the-fact. Not everyone is perfect. Humans make mistakes. But I don't agree that a woman can keep becoming "accidentally" pregnant while not on birth control and receive multiple abortions. That's plain irresponsible. I was not put on birth control as a teen and became pregnant even though I was being safe. One slip-up and you could be in deep trouble, that was my case. And I think the current laws that allowed me to get an abortion and immediate birth control after the procedure. I'd never want to go through the experience again. It really gave me a voice on the subject and demand for that right for all women across America. It really opened my eyes to the sad fact that many teenage women aren't given the proper contraceptives and learning tools that could easily prevent many cases of "accidental" pregnancies and the embarrassing, scrutinizing decisions after the fact. It's time for Americans to start loving their fellow Americans and helping them get through life with their voices heard loud and clear. The voices spoke last night. And I hope we move toward better change.

  • monica

    Ellen, thank you for responding, this did open my eyes a bit to the other side of this issue. I certainly don't believe all pro choicers see abortion as birth control and I agree with what you said. The quote by Hilary Clinton and sayings like it make me question my beliefs on this issue. The good thing about abortion is that it IS safe and legal, the unfortunate thing about abortion is that it isn't rare, you probably know that 4,000 babies are aborted every day in the U.S. alone. This number surprises me, to be frank. But it's no longer much of a shock when I read 47% of women from 15-44 will have two or more abortions in their lifetime. The words abortion and rare obviously don't go together very well. But if the government does put a few more restrictions on abortion, and maybe not necessarily just in case of rape/incest/risk to woman's health like I stated before, abortion can become "safe, legal and rare". I also feel that adoption should be seen as a solution. Most women seem to forget this 3rd choice, though it may not work as quickly as abortion, I feel it's a great choice when having a baby isn't the best for the woman at the time. I feel I should also mention I was adopted at 2 by a couple who couldn't conceive. My biological mother was a young woman who couldn't afford or want children at the age of 19. This is ome pretty deep stuff, huh? Just kidding, but I guess this is why I feel so strongly about this issue because I could've been someone who's right to live was taken away and I thank my lucky stars it wasn't.

  • Rita

    I agree with renee and katie.
    I'm pro-choice, but anti-abortion. I would never have an abortion myself, I would highly disagree if one of my friends wanted to have one, and try to find other solutions, but I still think that's something only each person can choose. I think the state doesn't have the right to interfer in that.

  • Ellen Friedrichs

    I think that is a real misunderstanding of what it means to be pro-choice.
    Most people who are pro-choice do not want to see abortion used as birth control. In fact I would say that the majority agree with Hillary Clinton who said, "Abortion should be safe, legal and rare."
    Thanks for reading,

  • Katie

    I totally agree with what Renee said, and going off of that I would like to emphasize that no one LIKES abortion. In any case it should be an absolute last resort, and certainly I doubt you could find a woman who was completely nonchalant about getting an abortion. It's a basic issue of rights; should a woman have the right to kill one of her own cells if she believes once developed it would lead a life of misery in her care? Besides, there is a lot of subjectivity when it comes to the whole conception=person idea. Roe vs Wade essentially said that because there is no sort of consciousness in the zygote before the fourth month of pregnancy, it cannot be considered a person yet and thus abortion is not murder. You might have a different opinion on the matter, but that is what the law says.
    I think abortion is blown way out of proportion. Instead of focusing on abortion itself, we should be putting our time and efforts into preventing unwanted pregnancies altogether so that abortion can become an absolute last resort. If there were more information and resources available about sex and contraception, abortion would hardly be needed at all.

  • renee

    I'm pro-choice, and I believe EVERY woman has a right to their own body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately in this country woman's rights are on all kinds of displays and no privacy whatsoever. In a perfect world we would never have to eliminate the option for abortion, but have at arms length for a "just-in-case" purpose. There's a time and place for everything, and sometimes a baby isn't "right-now" regardless if it's a incest/rape fetus. I think the scare tactic of "you're killing a human-it's no better than pointing a gun and *boom*" is false. First off the the fetus must only be aborted in the first trimester (and of course exceptions to later as well), and at this point and time the fetus has not yet developed a complete nerve system, fingernails. toenails, hair, and especially vocal cords and the ability to already speak a mother tongue and cry out "why mommy, why?" Which I keep hearing from the opposite party as a legitimate reasoning for illegalizing abortions. People have to understand that abortions aren't a happy joyful occasion that calls for champagne, balloons, and presents. It's a hard tough ride that a woman usually alone has to make. And no woman in her right mind is just going to think "If I get pregnant, I'll just get an abortion" because life doesn't work like that. For a woman to actually go through with a abortion takes a physical emotion that no man will EVER experience. There is so much to be said about this topic, but I'd just like to point out to all those pro-lifers and inbetweeners that an abortion is a scary time and woman dont just go out to get one and recovery immediately. By eliminating the right to abortions, eliminates woman's rights in general. Woman who believe against this topic are sourly anti-woman, I have to confess. An example of this would be Palin. I can understand people who don't feel abortions are "moral" or "the right choice," but then those people can just avoid abortion clinics. For those of us who want to keep our rights and not overturn roe vs. wade and undo all the hard work our great grandmothers have done for us, lets keep fighting for something we shouldn't even have to fight for. Abortions should NOT be illegal, but legal. If a woman wants/needs an abortion- let her. If she does not,she can avoid the clinic. We do not need to go through all this DRAMA to make abortions illegal when those people can just avoid. On a last note, be careful what you read because a lot of crap out there is just that-crap. Learn to distinguish fact from fiction. Last but not least, Pro-Choice is NOT Pro-Abortion. Pro-Choice is the free mind thinking that all woman should have equal rights as men are entitled to their rights! We don't go walking around with signs stating Men's sperm should be illegal! Men should NEVER be in this type of conversation FYI.

  • Mandi

    Monica, I'd like to point out that pro-abortion and pro-choice are different things, and I feel insulted to be called "pro-abortion"

  • Amy

    Come on… Abortion for all cases is the top? They're treating it like birth control. Jesus people… I totally agree with Monica.

  • monica

    I feel only in the instance of rape/incest/or to save the woman's life abortion should be permitted. Of course I feel a woman has the right to decide what's best for herself, what she can do with her body ect. I just don't feel anyone should have the right to decide whether or not they will let their unborn child have the right to live. To be honest, this blog never ceases to point out the faults of pro life groups when pro abortion groups seem to convince people to be pro abortion with them, without giving people the facts to back up their opinion. I've talked and even debated with many people about this issue and its shocking to see how little pro choicers know about the issue they feel so strongly about. I'm not saying this about all pro choicers, but again I've talked about this issue with many people. I've done researched this issue, as a young woman this obviously effects me, and I've come to the conclusion that abortion is no different from walking up to someone and shooting them point blank in the temple, a bit over-dramatic, but scientifically, in both cases someone's right to live is taken away. It breaks my heart as much as the next person to see someone else struggle with an unwanted pregnancy, but I don't feel abortion is the answer.

  • syd

    exactly my thoughts! Sarah Palin needs to get a grip. Feminism seems dirty when used in terms of her campaign.

  • Ellen Friedrichs

    Opps, you're right! I'll try to change that…

  • Althaea

    Um, Ellen, I believe the poll said:
    Not permitted at all 4%
    Don't Know /No Answer 3%
    So your commen "only 3% actually oppose abortion is all situations." Should have said 4% not 3%.
    I know I'm pedantic.
    I agree with your other sentiments.