bristol palin: pregnant in front of the whole world

Imagine you’re an unmarried 17 year old high school student who just found out you’re accidentally pregnant. Now imagine telling your mother. Kind of stressful, right? Now imagine that shortly after that talk, your mother goes on live television and tells EVERYONE, adding that you are definitely keeping the baby and definitely going to marry the father. Welcome to the world of Bristol Palin, daughter of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin.

While some have applauded Governor Palin for openly supporting her daughter’s pregnancy, others–including two former head editors of major teen magazines and the CEO of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies–have questioned the wisdom behind Palin’s decision to put her teen daughter in the media spotlight.

Former YM Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller writes: "I bet that poor Bristol Palin probably doesn’t feel like she has the right to object to anything her mother and father are doing or saying right now. Like most teenage girls she is probably insecure and is blaming herself for her own predicament." Fuller adds that Bristol "has unwittingly and literally become the poster child for her mother

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  • Bananaphone

    I think the main point of this blog (someone farther down referred to it as BS), is on the point of privacy.
    Bristol was in a tough place. Her family obviously doesn't approve of sex before marriage, and here her mother is running for public office making it very plain how she feels about sex ed. It would be tough to confront her mother and explain to her that she'd made a mistake. How do you tell your mother that you'd gone against your family "morals" and now you would be paying for it for the next 18 years?
    Sarah Palin attempted to get it out in the media on her terms, I think. Say, "Yeah, we know about it. It happens, and we're going to be responsible about it." But I think it also threw her daughter in the spotlight even more.
    It's a catch-22. The press would have caught on eventually. But, it's not exactly easy to "out" Bristol without drawing just as much attention.
    Personally, I think the whole thing has been unfair to Bristol. It can't be easy to be coping with the consequences of your actions in the public eye. But, because of who her mother is, there was no preventing it.
    …I take that back. There could have been some prevention. Proper sex education in our schools, the RIGHT to discuss with your doctor and counselor about the option of abortion vs. adoption, and a more responsible role in parents in explaining sex. Sometimes, mistakes happen. And if you're willing to keep the baby, all the power to you. But the system needs to create a better way of preventing the unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

  • Samantha from Califo

    I don't think Palin could have hidden that and she would have been scrutinized either way but I do agree that she's going a little over board with how much she talks about it and that she's being hypocritical trying to tell people that abstinence is the best policy when her own daughter is pregnant.Obviously and this is proven that abstitinence only programs don't work and that when teens are having sex it's better for it to be in their own houses where they're parents know and they're parents know they are being safe.I was a little scared at first to tell my mom about having sex but now that I have it's much better and I feel comfortable at my boyfriends house because his parents know that we have sex and they know that he has condoms and TRUST him.That's the problem with abstinence only programs they don't show any trust in the teenagers and act like sex doesn't exist.Just teach your kid about protection tell them that you want them to wait until a certain point to have sex but if they feel they are absolutely ready to just come talk to you and then you wont have to worry about unplanned pregnancy,hopefully std's as long as they use condoms as well as the pill and you can just RELAX and live your life and it doesn't come as a shock if your kid does get pregnant and you can talk to them rationally about their wrong choices and they can learn from their mistakes.

  • Sara

    Sarah is an idiot. The media displays her and even if they are trying to make her look good she still looks like an idiot.
    I hate it when people assume that I like her because she is a woman. She is worse than the old fat sexist men because she is a woman herself and she does not stand up for women's issues.

  • maddy.

    sarah is not an idiot. the media has displayed her to be an idiot because it is covered with democrats. get a life, pal. sarah is a REAL PERSON. not some stuffy politician. obama says CHANGE! but the vice is someone whos been in office for over 17 years. wowww. anyway. OBVIOUSLY sarah wouldnt just decide to tell the world about bristols pregnancy. she talked with her first. -duh. and so what shes pregnant. she messed up. GET OVER IT. AT LEAST SHES KEEPING IT. no abortion thanks. 'you cant cover up the word murder with the words womens rights'. thanks.
    -your great young republican.

  • Tasha

    First of all Sarah Palin is an idiot. That's not the point so I won't go into that but if as the subject suggest that Palin made the decisions for Bristol to get married and keep the baby that is a horrible thing for any parent to do. 17 is so young and no girl should be expected to keep a baby at 17. I'm not saying that abortion is the answer there are other options like adoption that are great. But I think the biggest thing about Bristol being pregnant at 17 is that the abstinence only education obviously fails. Studies show that an all around sex education leads to teenagers waiting longer before they start having sex and less teen pregnancy. And you can accidentally get pregnant. Sex isn't just for having kids. Probably a lot of you were "accidents" it happens. People obviously don't want a kid every time they do it, duh. Sex is just a part of a physical intimate relationship and has a whole lot more to it than procreation. Also if you hate abortion so much, republicans, why don't you try and teach teens about birth control!!!!!

  • Amanda Wilson

    For all of you girls who are under the age of twenty one and getting pregnant: you should have though before you had sex. Being a mama is not an easy job. But that is no reason to give up show all of the people who say you ain't gonna make it wrong. Step up and grow up. Be a parent to your beloved child. And remember all things happen for a reason. God loans you his children so take care of them. Be their for them. Always love them and never take them for granite. Don't ever give up it will be a hard 18 years but you can do it.

  • Amanda Wilson

    i dont feel you should be able to abort an innocent child even if the mother has been raped. I know it will be a hard nine months for the mother to deal with but come get over it. An innocent child shouldnt be punished and not givin a chance. And for all of you baby killers who do abort babies i think you should be put in jail because abortion is just another term for murderer. It isn't fair. It isn't right. They should make it illegal in all of the world. but that is just my opinion

  • Audriannah

    This is wrong, Brisol could have found out when she was more than 3 months wicth the abortion wold have been illigeal so shut up mrs.kaylie

  • If she wanted to abort it, she would've. I personally think Sarah Palin is an idiot; if you really listen to her speak she doesn't say anything important, she just blabs on.
    My ideas on aobrtion: If you have been raped or molested, you shouldn't be forced to carry around a reminder for you for nine months, then give it up to strangers; its like giving a person a fake life. What happens when they grow up and realise they were adopted? Or, if they were kept a secret, they would grow up with some fake identity and never really be who they are? Thats not right.
    If you have been abused, you should get one. If you're in a situation where you can't afford the baby but know you would get attach so adoption won't work, you should get one.
    But if your a dumb teenager who didn't use protection and don't really care about your life, well, deal with the consequences.
    As we can clearly see, "abstinance only" doesn't work. The States have the higest rate of teen pregnancy. GET BIRTH CONTROL !