the fear of gay marriage & california’s proposition 8

Election season is almost upon us and around the country various issues beyond the presidential race have been added to the ballot.

In California, one of these is called Proposition 8

Gay marriage has been legal in California since last May. Proposition 8 seeks to change that.  If it passes, gay marriage will become illegal and the California constitution will include the phrase: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

Recently, supporters of the proposition have been running ads claiming that if 8 doesn’t pass, school children will be forced to learn about gay marriage in school.

In my mind, that sure isn’t the end of the world. But that’s kind of beside the point because even if it was, this simply isn’t true!

According to an article in the LA Times,

"There is nothing in the state education code that requires schools to teach anything about marriage. Even the decision about whether to offer comprehensive sex education is left up to individual school districts. What state law does require is that districts that offer sex education ‘teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.’"

Supporters of 8 seem to think that parents will vote in favor of the proposition because they are horrified to think that their children might learn about gay marriage. Do you think that could happen? Do you think your parents would be upset if you learned about same sex marriage in school?

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  • Bailey

    allowing gay marriage shouldnt be about religous concerns, thats just violating the seperation of church and state. And by the way, if being gay wasnt natural why would guys have g-spots in their anus?

  • princess_soos

    whether schoolz start teaching about gay marriages or not..its still wrong.
    im against gay marriages and being gay altogather..its not natural human instinct..whether u wanna look at it from a scientific point of view or religious..neither say its right..
    and for all the ppl who argue bout how gay kids get beat up at school..well..STRAIGHT KIDS GET BEAT UP 2! (not that i agree with it but hellooo!)
    in some countries killing is considered im definitely not depending on what ppl wanna gonna go with what God says about whats acceptable or not..he did creat us..then he knows whats better for us than we do..
    do u know the story of sodom? the ppl of sodom had ppl who were gay..and God punished them by 'fire from the sky'.. but did u know that the ppl who sat by and didnt say anything about theyre actions also got punished? im not gonna be one of those ppl…so YES it does affect me..if im gonna get punished, id rather it be becuz I did something wrong..not cuz some1 else dragged me 2 it.

  • cynthia

    ok so i have many gay friends and people beat them up for no reason. so as they haul ass i fight for my friends. so what if the bible says that it should be man and women but it also says that you shouldn't kill but look at all the people in jail for killing. If god wanted us to all be the same he would have made us the same color and have the same beliefs. im all for gay marriage and if u aren't then go suck yourself. and as for ted… go do your self. why the hell would some one go do animals. are you calling gays animals?! if so maybe you should tell your mom and see what she has to say about you calling her that!!! you stupid stuck up BITCH!! if two people love each other then what else matters. i don't keep you from loving who u love so why cant they love who they love!