i have one huge boob and one tiny one. is this weird?

Q: I have one huge boob, and a tiny tiny one. is this weird or what? People are beginning to notice. What should I do?

A: Having one breast that is bigger than the other might make you feel weird, but you’re by no means the only one in this situation. In fact, most women’s boobs are actually different sizes! Of course, how big the difference is differs from person to person.

Often teens have a more pronounced difference than adult women because their bodies are still developing. It’s common for one breast to simply grow faster than the other. So for a lot of girls the difference in size becomes a lot smaller by their late teens or early twenties.

Though girls often assume breast enhancement surgery is the only option for dealing with uneven breasts, it’s a whole lot easier to just get an insert for one side of your bra. Some bra shops at department store sell breast forms which come in different sizes and work great to help you feel more balanced.

You might feel like you need to hide your breasts under tent-like caftans, or walk around with your arms firmly crossed over your chest (neither of which is necessary). Chances are, this issue is probably a whole lot more noticeable to you than it is to the rest of the world. And even if it is noticeable to someone else, so what? I have a sneaky feeling the person noticing probably isn’t free from a body flaws.

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  • Sharon

    My breasts? I’m extreme boob – Size difference. How big? My right side is STILL growing – and is a DDD almost E. The other one? B or a C. I understand a bit of a difference- but I’m seriously scared to show my boyfriend anything up top because in the past my ex bf noticed and said nasty things to me about it.
    And no- not taking a plunger- or getting mass plasti/ asymmetric surgery. Stuffing a bra with a pad isn’t an issue- but getting intimate is an issue- I have cried because it’s humiliating but I don’t want to end up losing my chance to breast feed.
    It’s beyond humiliating and I’ve been teased- all of them having their own flaws with their breasts- but not as large as mine. I don’t even try and look in the mirror anymore because I have to stare at it.