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The other night I was watching some bad Fox reality TV show when an ad came on. It showed a few teens partying, a girl looking at herself in the mirror and a couple in a car seemingly about to make out. A narrator said, "When you give yourself a minute to think, you give yourself to the chance to make a better decision." It then directed viewers to a website. I was intrigued, so I went.

I have to admit, what I found surprised me.

Despite the fact that FOX is notoriously conservative, the site wasn’t a "just say no" or abstinence-only campaign. It was actually a legitimate educational endeavor created by Fox with the Kaiser Family Foundation, an organization whose mission is to address "the major health care issues facing the U.S., with a growing role in global health, [which] develops and runs its own research and communications programs, sometimes in partnership with other non-profit research organizations or major media companies."

One of those major media companies is none other than MTV, with whom they have produced a number of sex education and HIV programs. With the Kaiser Family Foundation running the Pause campaign on the FOX network, issues such as body image, risky sex, substances and obesity are now being tackled.

The information on the Pause site is medically accurate and doesn’t reek of judgment.

There’s just one thing.

Included in a list of really good resources (like Planned Parenthood and the National Emergency Contraception Hotline) is also a link to the Abstinence Clearinghouse.

While the name might make it seem like an important addition to such a list, it’s not. This group promotes medically inaccurate information and is also staunchly anti-abortion. As a Planned Parenthood exposé explained:

"The organization opposes reproductive rights and its medical advisory council is made up of more than 60 health professionals who do not promote or prescribe contraception to unmarried teens … The irony behind anti-choice forces like … the clearinghouse is that, while they campaign to stop abortion, they also campaign against comprehensive sex education programs which offer information on both abstinence and birth control programs that would prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion."

Really, it is just a bad place to send teens with questions–even those who want more information on not having sex.

That being said, if we were to write off all websites for their sketchy links, there would be very few worth going to! So if you get a second, check out the Pause site and let me know your take on it.

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  • Monica

    I think its great it was pointed out that the Abstinence Clearinghouse is against sex ed, contraception ect. Im personally refraining from sex, I think as a teen im still too young to be sexually active, but 63% of teen girls are having sex so it's crucial to teach them to practice it safely. Im pro life also, I believe someone's right to live shouldn't be taken away, so I don't understand why the bloggers in this blog seem to constantly try to find things wrong about pro life groups and make them seem like the bad guys. Why doesn't someone post something about the lies pro abortion groups put out? I can assure you they are more guilty of this than pro life groups. Im pretty sure more people would be pro life if they knew more about abortion and these lies were exposed. This article should've talked more about the positivity of the Pause campaign. But still, this is a very interesting article.

  • Kelly

    I agree with the person who said that the majority of the article should not have been taken up by a side note about the links they have on the site. I would've rather heard more about the Pause campaign itself. Trust me when I say that while I'm very liberal, I find it annoying when you almost seem to divert to the John McCain method of "You're wrong, I'm right" on every issue. One of the things I like about Obama is that he says less of "you're wrong" and more of "we're different." Some people believe that abstinence until marriage is the only option. While you (and I) don't agree with that, you almost seem to use propaganda against them on this blog, which is not a good thing, either.

  • crista

    both liberal and conservative medias have bias and scewed facts. you don't see opinions on preversing the life of a fetus on planned parenthood websites, so why would both information on abortion be included on an abstinence site?

  • Amber

    Crista: Seemed to me that she was more against the fact that it gave out innacurate info, and that many of those supporting it refused to promote or provide important things like contraceptives. Abstnence is all well and good, as is teaching about it. But when they start doing things that will do a lot of harm and absolutely no good, they have a problem.

  • crista

    i just think its a very minor detail to even bring up for such a large part of the article. having a liberal bias is one thing, but it seems like by putting down this link so passionatley, it's almost gives off the impression of having a bias against teens who aren't having sex.

  • Mandi

    Crista, that's not really what Ellen was saying.
    "While the name might make it seem like an important addition to such a list, it's not. This group promotes medically inaccurate information and is also staunchly anti-abortion."
    If a group is providing medically inaccurate information to back up their beliefs, they are not a good resource. Had it been another pro-abstinence website, there may not have been an issue.

  • Blake

    Well, it's good that they treat such subjects, but it's crap that they also linked AC…

  • crista

    abtinence is a choice. its great to be pro-choice, and it's great to want to inform as many people as possible on how to be safe, but some teens want more than one sentance at the bottom of a page that says abstinence works, too. you can't really down the campaign because they're including information for these teens, too.

  • Selo

    I always like the Pause site – never bothered to look at their links, but they have a lot of information and good advice. I'm glad to see that a normally right-wing network has created a campaign like this. It's not too preachy either.