wal-mart wants to sell you abstinence

I have the typical consumer love/hate relationship with big box stores. But one that is particularly easy to hate is, of course, Wal-Mart.

This is mainly because of the laundry list of unethical activities associated with the retailer. They have been criticized for everything from shoddy labor practices to environmental offenses, plus I consider the fact that, while they sell guns, they often won’t sell emergency contraception. Most recently, the Wall Street Journal even revealed that the chain has been trying to intimidate its employees into voting Republican.

If those things weren’t bad enough, I can now add one more offense to the list: Wal-Mart is pushing for more abstinence-only education.

Forbes magazine reports that the company spent 1.4 million dollars between April and June lobbying their interests to Congress, as well as to the Health and Human Services, Commerce and Treasury departments.

One of these interests is the not-exactly-related-to-retail request that congress put more money toward abstinence-only education in schools.

So the next time you pick up that inexpensive handgun, you can rest assured that a little of your cash might be helping keep your virgin ears safe from the ills of sex education.

Or you can take your business elsewhere.

What do you think about Wal-Mart’s stance on sex ed.?

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  • Leilabeth

    that’s messed up… but i can’t just stop shopping there… i live in Texas where Wal-Mart is huge… Wal-Mart is the friggin go to here >.<

  • Amy

    oh no abstinence only, what will we do… i honestly don’t see the big deal about that, abstinence is the only foolproof way of not getting pregnant. i think organizations like the girl scouts are way worse than walmart

  • Michele

    I think it's funny that someone would be against teaching abstinence as the safest thing when it comes to sex. But anyways regarding not having emergency contraceptives, if you're talking about condoms and spermicide, they do sell them, if you are talking about the morning after pill, some places just don't have them, either do some of the pharmacies in the local grocery stores… regardless you need a prescription for those.

  • peggy

    what if there are no neighborhood markets around???? I have numerous people come into my store every day saying how much cheaper it is to shop here at walmart than down the road to price chopper. right now everyones lives revolve on living their daily lives as cheaply as possible. and walmart makes that possible.
    and like i said in my last post WALMART DOES SELL CONDOMS!!!!!!! they are right there on the shelf next to all the sexual lubricants. walmart is not pushing to get rid of sex ed or promote abstinence.

  • peggy

    ok people I want to set some things straight….I work at a wal mart supercenter in catskill NY. and to let you all know there has not been one thing around the store saying anything about candidates or who to vote for….in fact, there is nothing in the store about the upcoming election. and as for selling guns…..all walmart sells now is air rifles…which one has to be at least 16 to buy(yes we will ask for id). we don't even sell real guns. also, there is nothing around the store about abstinence….we do sell condoms and contraception…so what makes you think that walmart is teaching absitnance????
    one more thing……i did hear in the news that democrats might think about unionizing walmart…..which is not what the corporation wants. walmart is not a bad corporation at all. I wasn't too keen about applying at first. but once i got to orientation i learned that after a year the corporation sets up a 401k for you and you get health insurance. If you don't like your particular job…you don't have to leave walmart….you can transfer to another department fairly easily. you can work around school, sports and family…wherever you go. If you plan to move…you can transfer to a walmart in your area.
    so now you know the truth about walmart…hope you will stop trash talking walmart.

  • rach

    I've tried to do some internet research on how WalMart is pressuring their employees to vote, and it looks like they do in fact circulate newsletters claiming that inaccurate statements were made by senators/congressmen, all of whom were Democratic. However, a large part of their financial contributions go to making sure voters are registered in general, and as many of these employees fit into a "Democratic demographic", it seems like they must acknowledge some of these votes will be for that ticket. I think that if anyone looks at their workplace, they will find pressures to vote a certain way based on the majority – but to call these practices of persuasion "crossing the line" undermines the intelligence of the WalMart employees! These people are not puppets that WalMart can or want to brainwash – they are people with their opinions, opinions which (like any of us) may be persuaded only when something appears to be more true than a previously accepted belief.
    Teens are not always having sex – I'm proof (at age 26) that an available, attractive, and active dater can refrain. So there's one myth debunked. I think the fact that we as humans can partake in an activity that creates life is incredible (especially since I'm taking a pottery class and have yet to be able to create a pot!) and attaches a responsibility to that act not to be diminished.
    I'll take a quote from Brittney to illustrate my last thought – "But its not the church's right. Nor the governments to tell women what to do with their bodies nor what not do! What ever happend to the pursuit of happiness? The govenrment has no right to interfere with that! No right, whatsoever." Brittney, I totally agree with you. I think our only departure is that I believe this as true 2 minutes before you are out of the womb as it is 2 minutes after, which means that the woman I am today deserved the same rights in the womb as I do out of it.
    Do premature babies have more rights than those born late? I think that's an important question to focus on when we're tying to get a handle on the allocation of human rights.