are female condoms even real?

Question: I keep hearing about female condoms. What are they and how do you use them? Are they even real?

Answer: They are real, and as we speak they are also getting a make-over!

The current female condom looks like a plastic baggie with a ring on either end. One side is open. The other closed.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Remove condom from the packet.
  2. Make sure the inner ring is inside, at the bottom of the pouch. Put additional lubricant on the outside and the inside of the pouch.
  3. Hold the inner ring through the wall of the pouch and squeeze it into an oval shape. (You may find it easiest to be sitting or lying back when inserting the condom.)
  4. Keeping the ring squeezed shut, insert the condom into the vagina. Once it’s far enough in to keep from popping out, push it up further with one finger. The outer ring will stay outside of the vaginal opening, with its edges covering part of the vulva. Hold the outer ring in place while the penis is being inserted, and help guide the penis into the condom. Make sure the penis doesn’t go between the condom and wall of the vagina!

Despite its potential, not a lot of people use female condoms. They can be expensive and hard to find. Plus, a lot of women find it tricky to insert them.

The made-over female condom hopes to change all that!

According to the New York Times:

"The redesigned female condom is made of softer, thinner polyurethane to better transmit warmth. It is easier to insert; one end is bunched up as small as a tampon, an improvement on the old design, which resembled the stiff rubber ring of a diaphragm and had to be folded into a figure 8 for insertion."

Production is currently stalled on the next generation Female Condom as the company awaits FDA approval. But I will let you know as soon as that changes!

What do you think of the female condom? Have you ever used one?

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  • Leilabeth

    i probably couldn’t use one…. i’m so very allergic to latex….

  • Kionna

    I NEVER Heard Of These Before Hmm :/ ….

  • Mary

    Hey guys, don't spend all that excess money on an overated contrapton. Because since I was twelve I have been using saran rap! Trust me it works and you will not regrett it.

  • lizzy


  • Boosh

    HAHA! If you use the female condom you can't get diseases, But their Less effective against pregnancy. The Male condom, It's possible to get diseases, But also more Effective against pregnancy. Wtf? Either way, You can't win! I know… xD Why don't you just BOTH wear condoms, Then the risk of Diseases and Pregnancy, There will be none! HAAHA! That would be unconfortable and loud. all you would here is little things like… squeak.squeak.squeak. LOL . I dont know, im stupid (:

  • i want one