mccain hates sex ed

Here’s something you should know: if John McCain is elected president, you sure won’t be getting any more sex ed. In fact, it’s likely that the recent decline in the number of states funding abstinence-only- until-marriage education will be just a fond memory.

In a McCain administration, we can pretty much guarantee more money will be pumped into these faulty programs. That’s because, like many republicans, McCain is an abstinence-only booster. His campaign is also trying to make comprehensive sex education sound like something dirty.

Take his latest ad. In it, he attacks his opponent, Barack Obama, for supporting comprehensive sex ed for five-year-olds.

The ad shows a still photo of Obama and says, "Learning about sex before learning to read?” It then implies that the only accomplishment Obama has had in education was to encourage an inappropriate style of sex ed for kindergarteners.

But as the New York Times explained the ad is based on lies. First off, the bill, which wasn’t even sponsored by Obama, never passed. 

Additionally the paper reports,   

"In referring to the sex-education bill, the McCain campaign is largely recycling old and discredited accusations made against Mr. Obama by  Alan Keyes in their 2004 Senate race. At that time, Mr. Obama stated that he understood the main objective of the legislation, as it pertained to kindergarteners, to be to teach them how to defend themselves against sexual predators.

It is a misstatement of the bill’s purpose, therefore, to maintain, as the McCain campaign advertisement does, that Mr. Obama favored conventional sex education as a policy for 5-year-olds. Under the Illinois proposal, ‘medically accurate’ education about more complicated topics, including intercourse, contraception and homosexuality, would have been reserved for older students in higher grades."

We all know politics can get nasty but sadly, some Americans are so freaked out by the subject of kids and sex, that an ad like this might actually sway some voters!

What do you think of McCain’s attacks on sex ed and on Obama’s position on the matter?

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  • blah<3

    Obama educating five-year-olds about sex doesnt nessarily mean he going to teach them how to have sex, and that hes not.

  • blah<3

    Obama educating five-year-olds about sex doesnt nessarily mean he going to teach them how to have sex, and that hes not.

  • ami

    I agree with all the people that support teaching sex-ed to children.
    And for those of you who feel otherwise, sorry, but that's gonna happen since liberals (yayyy) are the majority in the house and Senate. =)

  • hannah

    okay ness i disagree very much. Abstainence is a practice by the christians. Its in he bible, which i personally think tht it even doesnt follow the constitution to put abstainence only education in public schools, because we have freedom of religion. Education is to inform, not to influence and dominate. it is a personal veiw. gurl is a very liberal site, maybe you should get off andstick to the soit you pointed out. no one hear cares about your religious veiws. i actually think republicans are atrangely unpatriotic, they put there personal veiws ahead of what our country wants, and they forget that a lot of ppl dont believe in god or the bible. some people are athiests. some ppl are buddhists. we dont alll belive n marriage. they haveno right to teach abstinence education as our only option. republicans are exstremely biased.

  • bigyellowdinosaur

    um, ness? why are you on this website if you're obviously not a feminist? is a pretty liberal website, if you haven't noticed. also, I was wondering, do you get your opinions from your parents? because it sounds like you're vomiting back up something you've heard before and not stating your own thoughts. likely, you never think about thinking for yourself.

  • kelsey

    i mean i got bored reading this (sorry but I dispise mccain anyways hes just an old fashioned white guy, and yes i'm white but i want Obama, he seems that he might be better than the past retards we've had (bush,clinton) Sex ed is actually very helpful so i think mccain is wrong to think its wrong, i can't stand people like mccain

  • TheLioness

    I think I found that what bothers me most is this: people try to choose for other people.
    You can not, nor do you have the right to, govern other peoples personal lives.
    I think that is why we should have these open laws where the choice is personal!
    Gary marriage and abortion are two huge examples.
    Of course it can't be that way for all laws, but as long as it doesn't directly hinder the funtion of society i.e murder is ok if it's a passion crime…that would be rediculous.
    Honestly, if I was raped I would have an abortion. I don't think I could live through the pregnancy, knowing I carried this child of hate and crime.
    Besides, how do you tell a child they were put up for adoption because their mother was raped?
    Talk about serious emotional issues.
    Or if I was carrying my fathers or brothers child… abortion. Not only would that child most likely end up handicapped, but I could never look at it the way I should love it. Even if it was adopted. I would want an open adoption no matter what, but could I see that child and love it, even if i wanted the best for it?
    I don't know.
    I just feel it is selfish for people to want to govern other human beings choice.
    I thought this whole thing ended with slavery.
    Not to mention racism.
    I havn't seen so much racism at once, in my life.
    It saddens me.
    -The Lioness

  • TheLioness

    I'll try not to sound too biased when I say this, or too angry, but when I read things like what ness said, i literally get nauseus.
    It's that kind of close-minded s–t that I can not put up with.
    Probably because I can't understand it in the least.
    let me make a few comments however though:
    1) McCain has lied to us far too many times. I don't understand why people still support him even though he has gotten down to such a dirty level that he's still flingin personal accusations at Obama from years past that arn't even true. He also chose Palin. I feel disgraced as a woman to have so many people look up to her.
    During an interview Palin was asked what she thought about the morning after pill aka Plan B. this is what she said "Well, I believe life starts at the moment of conception, so I don't believe in the morning after pill." (not her exact words, just paraphrased). I have so say though… does she know NOTHING? Here is what I learned from my SEX EX CLASS:
    The morning after pill does not stop a pregnancy once it has started. It stops the egg from being released. If the egg is already in the fallopian tube and the sperm has already fertilized it, the pregnancy will continue.
    It doesn't end pregnancy it keeps it from happening. Very good in a rape case, or when the condom breaks.
    2) Sex Ed class is VERY important. As a catholic/christian, i was swayed much more by the information on stds and birth cotrol than i was by any religious doctrine. However, my mother had always been very open with me. from an early age, i was very thorough in what i knew, medically. Sex Ed is important! Teenagers are ghoing to have sex! simple. If your sons and daughters are going to have sex, shouldn't they be safe about it?
    3) I'm 17. I am sexually active. I am safe about it. I do my research. I use a condom and birth control every time. My boyfriend and I were both safe even before we started having sex. Though neither of us had had sex before, we went and got checked up by the doctors. I did all of this because i knew what i had to do to be safe!
    4) I'm sorry to say it but most right-wing people I know are the most hypocritical people I know.
    Now when it comes to gay marriage…my god people… can you not let people live and be happy? Must you stick your nose into someone elses business, their personal life? We have amendments that let us pursue happiness. We have fought desperately to end slavery, to allow women to vote. Equality to all! And yet here you stand, selfg righteous, and claim that homosexuals may not take the benefits of marriage as we do. They may not share their lives in the way that we are privilaged to do.
    Just because they love someone of the same sex? It is love all the same!
    What right do we as humans have to judge?
    It is in the bible!
    Only God may judge, not us. We are supposed to love our neighbor and accept all as equals.
    Yet there you go, claiming that gay marriage ruins the community, that it's wrong…so on.
    5) Obama is for protecting children against sexual predators!
    Oh thank god! I can't believe this isn't in schools yet! Our world has become a twisted place. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves. And though you may not want to face it, so should young children. It's very easy to turn a blind eye to everything that happens, because you don't want to believe it's true. But it is. When I have children, I will make sure they know what is wrong or right. I'm not going to fill their minds with darkness, or perverted things. But I will make sure they know what is wrong, and how to protect themselves! I will make sure they are aware of their surroundings, and comfortable in the knowledge that they can stop things like molestation, and even rape, from occuring if they are forewarned.
    And yes, i say this because i know it happens. Though not to me personally, my boyfriend and many of my friends were sexually molested as a child.
    We need to end this.
    Knowledge is our greatest defense.
    Like I said.
    I don't understand.
    I just wish that people would open their minds instead of refusing to look around them.
    Trust me… I have.
    I have questioned each and every side of this campaign. I have looked it up and down and seen the pros and cons of each side.
    I respect everyone's choice, even if I don't agree.
    However…I can not respect people like Ness who say things like that…
    and usually I wouldn't even rant like this.
    But i was angered, and so now I expresss my thoughts.
    -The Lioness

  • klgp

    i think it is insane how some of you people are freaking out just because someone shared their politic views. i always thought our country was about freedom, the right to think and say want you want. but then people like "ness" go and freak out because someone disagrees. whether i like obama or mccain that doesn't change the fact that politics need to be separate from religion. just because schools teach abstinence doesn't mean no kid will ever have sex before marriage, instead they will still do it just without a good knowledge of diseases, protection, or what will happen if something like pregnancy occurs. and seriously, i know you republicans are very strict and strong about your opinions but you need to stop trying to change everyone else or at least be a little kinder.
    we need tolerance to have a successful country, cause its sure as hell clear the US is becoming a crap hole.
    and by the way 'ness' your comment about homosexuality was completely irrelevant and unnecessary, and trust me. if you said this to me i would flip a huge liberal s**t on you. and this is coming from a girl who has been raised by a once-hippie.
    its people like you that have ruined our country, people who have no respect for others. you would hate someone cause of who they loved. and thats not very godly is it? hate is a sin, sweetheart. god says love everyone doesn't he? i strongly suggest you get yourself in check. your welcome.

  • Morgan

    I cannot believe that even after reading this article that there are still some people who support McCaine, even though he obviously lies.
    Also, the problem with teaching abstinence in schools is that:
    1) It is bringing religion into politics in an area where we can avoid religious involvement easily compared to other, more controversial topics.
    Abstinence and saving sex for marriage is a christian view, and our country has a seperation of church and state.
    2) It is unrealistic to think that teaching abstinence will have much of an affect on teens–whether or not you teach teenagers about sex in school, if they want to do it, they will. That is the bottom line. So, it is best to protect them through education and let them make their own decisions, whether or not we agree with their decisions. it is not up to us to decide.

  • brittany


  • user226

    Woah, Woah, Woah ness. You need to calm down there.
    I think its EXTREAMLY one sided of you to even SAY something like that! I am not for either side of the fence, since I honestly cannot say who I am for at this point in time. Both of them have very good points, and both of them have equally bad points. I really love this part of Obama though. I think it's a smart move to bring in comprehensive sexual education into the class rooms.
    I personally never been touched innaportably, and niether has anybody I know, but GOD FORIB this happens to my children! I would like for them to know what's good and what's bad! We live in a world of sickos, people, and we has parents need to learn how to protect our children.
    Now I used the word "protect". It's VERY different from "shelter". I have been sheltered most of my life by my parents about Sex Ed. The only reason I haven't had sex yet was because by a stroke of luck, I'm a hopeless romantic, and I want my first time to be spontaneous. And condoms just don't sound… romantic. My boyfriend of 1 year and half agrees with me, and that we will both wait until I can get birth control.
    My parents never taught me anything! And I don't want that to happen to my kids either! Now I live in a northern state, and I don't think they teach the Sex Ed there very well. I learned more about sex and birth control on this very website than my school.
    We need to revamp the WHOLE sex ed, in all grades.
    And waiting and until marriage is nonsense to me. No matter how wonderful of a relationship you have, if the sex sucks, the relationship crumbles. A lot of people don't like to think that sex really matters, but it does people. It really does. People get divorced over it.
    And yeah. I HATE the idea of casual sex. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE it! It's gross. I think this comes from bad parenting. Parents try to keep their kids "safe" so they don't tell them anything, and BECAUSE they know nothing they experiment.
    And most relious gung-ho jesus-loving girls I know are the biggest sluts you'll ever meet. I'm catholic myself, and it hurts for me to say that.
    And what does race or reliogion have to do with anything? As long as somebody can govern the country, and WELL, who cares if youre black, white, brown, male, female, catholic, muslim, jewish?
    Stop being so close minded and remove your head from your ass you bigot.
    @immature girls: learn to type please. typin lyke dis 2 be cool, really isn't. It just makes you look stupid, and you set women's movement back 50 years every time you do that.
    And if you're wondering, I'm 16 years old. If I can type like an adult, you can too.
    (excuse my misspellings. It's my kryptonite.)

  • Ness

    OH, I AM HOT! First of all, I'm so sick of you liberals and your twisted views!! I'm sick of the media bias! And I'm sick of Barak HUSSEIN Obama! The truth is that 5 year olds should not be learning about sex!! Period, end of STORY!! And, you know what, sex ed in the public schools is screwed up! We should be teaching ABSTINENCE in our schools! SAVE IT FOR MARRIAGE! show TEENAGERS, I REPEAT TEENAGERS, the consequences of sex outside of marriage.(Oh, and by the way, MARRIAGE is defined by One MAN and One WOMAN! Kapish?) Just think, teenagers could focus on their studies, friendships, and families, instead of wondering which STD they picked up over the weekend during a casual hook up with some guy they don't even know!!
    I urge you all to visit this site: (instead of reading this garbage)

  • abortion is good in cases of Rape Incest that they pregnacy might kill the mother and some of the few reasons to be Pro Choice is great because who would want a father to rape her child at 13 and get them pregnat that is horribile and that is gonna be terribile for the child and her life so i guess it really should be legal they are allot sick people out there soooooooooooooo you better understand me