are you supposed to shave before you have sex?

Question: Are you supposed to shave before you have sex? Will guys think you’re gross if you don’t?

Answer: Clearly this is a really pressing issue for a lot of you. In fact, 83 gURLs left comments on the: "Is it gross NOT to shave down there?" post. 

There was a pretty big range in what they said. For example, Casandra wrote,  "I had a boyfriend whom I was sexually active with who absolutely adored [my pubic hair]. He always insisted that it was natural and beautiful and never wanted me to get rid of it."

On the other hand, Britney said, "My boyfriend hates having girls with a bush, so I shave."

Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to pubic hair. But for most people, pubic hair is not the deciding factor on what makes someone attractive.

If you are dating a guy, you have a few options. You can ask him what he prefers. You can take a guess. Or you can just do what you want with your pubic hair and figure that if you really like each other the state of you crotch won’t be the most important aspect of your relationship.

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  • sally

    I have a guy friend

  • mmmmhmm.

    personally i have some, but i keep it cleaned up. its not exactly for sex either, i play sports and i'd rather not have some stray hair hanging out of my shorts. Its a personal preferance. It is a pain to shave though i usually have to shave anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week.

  • YEA B/C U DONT WANT THE DUDE TO BE LIKE "WHOA." lmao Buh yeah if ur planning on having sex, i think u shud shave down there just to be clean, if u noe wat i mean ;]

  • Nicole

    I tried wet shaving when I was 15. Bad idea. I got shave bumps and stubble BAD, and I even tried products to help that. I gave up after about 10 tries. Then I tried an electric shaver, which didn't irritate my skin as much, but didn't get very close, so I gave up and stuck to trimming for a while. Finally, I tried waxing. It hurt the 1st few times, especially in the area above my clit, so I stopped waxing there, and that's what I'm happy with now. So I've basically tried everything, and that's the good and bad. In the end, it's a personal choice.