the pill DOESN’T kill babies

Here a question for you. Why do you think an organization opposed to abortion is encouraging more unplanned pregnancies? That’s what the California based American Life League seems to be doing with its "The Pill Kills Babies" campaign.

The pill they are talking about is the birth control pill. The babies they are talking about don’t exist.  But the result of their campaign might be a lot more unwanted pregnancies when women shun this extremely reliable form of birth control. 

Because they’re so darn worked up about the pill, The American Life League recently held a protest outside a Planned Parenthood health center.

One participant recalls distributing, "Attractive literature detailed the devastating effects of the pill, the shot, and the IUD on women who will be chemically altered mothers even though they don’t ‘Plan’ to be and don’t even know it. They will be mothers of dead babies. The hormones, chemicals and sharp I.U. devises will starve and kill in the secret warmth of their sterilized wombs."

Wowza. I don’t know what bothers me more. The idea that someone would invent the term "chemically altered mother," or the fact that this organization would publish such poor writing.

Look, whatever you think of abortion, the pill isn’t one. The pill prevents a woman from getting pregnant in the first place. Abortion ends a pregnancy that is already in place.  That’s true no matter how much crackpot science someone throws at you.

A lot of people aren’t comfortable with the pill for a lot of reasons and that’s fine.  But this campaign plays on the confusion women have about this issue.  It doesn’t reveal a secret truth.

What do you think?

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  • Stina

    I totally agree with Heather, it’s preventing not killing, that fertilized egg doesn’t have feelings or thoughts and it’s not a baby. I think it would be much wiser having a baby to a good enviroment, meaning you’re ready and you have the nessesities, not have it just because someone else cares so much about that sperm that got inside you. Now we could just create organizations against periods and male masturbation, cause that IS LIKE NOT HAVING BABY TOO!!

  • michelle

    First of all the morning after pill kills the sperm that has joined with your egg
    i believe that is killing! AND birth control pills are dangerous because my mom can't take them she gets sick and it is from them she's tested experimented with them! and all pills now a days have alot of side effects these pills have them to its a lie if you say that they don't! I don't have a problem with most pills except that they are dangerous and I am HIGHLY agaisnt the morning after pill!