all about the money (and personal connections, apparently)

I never cease to be amazed how unethical people who claim to take the moral high ground can be. I was reminded of this after reading about a recent incident involving an abstinence-only group and a huge government grant. The organization is called the Best Friends Foundation and their motto is, "Helping girls develop self-respect through self-control." The grant they received was from the Juvenile Justice Department and it was for 1.1 million dollars.

Funny thing though: Best Friends only applied for half that, the still huge sum of $500,000.

Even funnier: The grant was awarded after the Juvenile Justice Department had rated Best Friends lower than many of the other groups who were competing for the funds.

So why did the Best Friends Foundation get so much money to teach kids to keep their eyes covered and their legs crossed?

As ABC news reports, there are some fishy personal connections that might have contributed.

For instance, the founder and head of Best Friends is a woman named Elayne Bennett. Not only is Elayne buddies with the head of the Juvenile Justice Department, but she’s also married to Bill Bennett, a conservative former politician who was in the Reagan and first Bush administration.

In the world of not-for-profit organizations connections like these raise a lot of red flags when money is involved.

A big part of the Best Friends program focuses on adult mentoring and role modeling. Last time I checked, using personal relationships to powerful people as a way to secure financing was not the best way an adult could serve as a role model.

But what do I know. I believe in the amoral comprehensive sex ed…

What do you think?

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  • Emma

    self-respect =/= self control. i would not be respecting myself, mind, and body if i denied sex when i thought it was time- OR if i had it when i didn't want it. it is entirely up to you and you alone- self respect is in your hands. i think we need to knock it off with all this abstinence-only bullshit, and get to the real problem- learning to say what you feel in the heat of the moment. we don't need to be protecting people from sex as much as we need to be protecting people from UNWANTED sex. why are there no rape education classes? now that's what i want to hear in my school.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, a child will have sex or not have sex. It will always boil down to their choice. I went to devout christian schools. Abstence programs abounded, but there was no sex ed. A good number of students were sexually active. I only pray they knew what a condom is…but without being told…it is no surprise thre were pregnances. All I am saying is, present your children with both sides and let them choose, they will anyway, so why leave them deaf, blind and dumb on one of the two. People who only push one and not the other ultimately end up hurting those they should have been informing. They don't help.

  • Blake

    Of course comprehensive sex ed is much better than abstinence-only. Why else do we have much higher STD infection and teen pregnancy rates than other industrialized nations?