comprehensive sex ed exposed…or is it?

I’m wary any time some group claims to be "for truth." So when I came across the Parents for Truth website I was expecting the worst.

I wasn’t disappointed.

This organization’s mission is to "expose" comprehensive sex education.  How do I know this? Well the huge message on the homepage saying, "Comprehensive sex ed exposed. Watch this video" was one clue. 

The video itself was another.

The video starts with a working mom coming home to find her teenage daughter doing homework at the kitchen table. The phone rings and the mom picks it up. The woman on the other end says, "The school brought in a sex ed presenter into my health class. I’m really upset about the material. This is insane."

"What are you talking about?" The mom asks. "I thought the plan was to teach abstinence and give some information about contraception."

"Yeah," says the teacher, "that’s what they claimed the program would teach. But if you actually look at the materials this program hardly even mentions abstinence. Instead it assumes kids are going to have sex and actually encourages sexual activity…The truth is, it’s more like a ‘how to’ sex manual!

Listen to this. Showering together is a green light activity. On another page. Hide condoms on your body and ask your partner to find them… And it gets worse. I’m embarrassed to even read you some of the things in here."

The mom hangs up the phone and decides to confront her daughter. "Jen, did they tell you at school today that it’s okay to take a shower with a boy?"

"Yeah," says Jen.

"Are you sure?" her mom asks again.

"Yeah," Jen mumbles.

Then the mom thinks to herself, "This is what they call comprehensive sex education? They’re teaching my kid how to have sex."

The video ends with a voice-over ominously warning parents, "Organized efforts are being made in every state to get this comprehensive sex education into your school Don’t be mislead by what these programs actually teach."

At the end of the video the viewer is advised that the shocking statements are from a real curriculum called Be Proud. Be Responsible.

No mention is made of the fact that we heard only TWO sentences from Be Proud. Be Responsible.

We are simply supposed to beleive the actors who tell us that this, like other comprehensive curricula, is indeed a sex manual.

Let me tell you, it’s not.

You can take anything out of context and claim that it’s saying, well, just about anything.

If I took some sentences randomly out of abstinence-only materials, and said they were from a sex manual for teens, you might also believe me.

Here’s an example from an abstinence-only program called Choosing the Best:"Here are condoms so that you can have sex with lots of partners and postpone getting pregnant and getting AIDS."

This is a statement found in the Choosing the Best abstinence educators guide that in its original context was intended to mock comprehensive sex eduction.  But there is no way you’d know that unless I told you, just like we have no idea how the "green light" activities from Be Proud. Be Responsible. are actually presented in that curriculum.

People who hate sex ed will do just about anything to prevent teens from hearing the actual truth and not some skewed version of it.  But this video is real low blow for their cause.

Check out the video and the site and let me know what you think.  Have any of your parents encountered it?

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  • twirleegurl

    The thing about this video is that the facts are all wrong. Personally, I'm for abstinence, but when people try to defend it by making up stuff, that is what gives them, and everyone else who supports that view, a bad name. I remember having to take sex ed my freshman year in high school. The first thing they told us was that abstinence was best, but if you didn't agree with that then use safe sex, and then they told us how to practice safe sex. Really, these people don't know what they're talking about.

  • dionne

    Oh my goodness that video was rediculous. Sex is not something you should hide away from 13 and 14 year olds. Its OK to be taught how to wear a condom, we are all mature enough to handle it and the more you push sex away from the child the more likely they are to experiment using no contraception, because they werent taught how to use it. The absinance classes will only scare the children into not having sex and whenthey realise its ok to have sex, they wont have been educated on how to have safe sex. i cannot stress how rediculous this idea is. what do you think?

  • Samantha

    That girl that said sex ed is a porn class is ridiculous.
    Shutup you know nothing twit you probably haven't seen any sex ed videos because you have people like the ones from that site at your school and in your community.
    Sex ed is very important and teens need to learn the facts about what can happen.I remember after seeing a video in 8th grade I was scared to ever do anything,they definately made it seems like even if you use a condom you can get disease which isn't necesarrily true and although using a condom is important we should not use scare tactics to get kids to not have sex,it doesn't work.

  • NRK

    no one with a cause to promote will EVER give you the whole TRUTH. no matter what the cause is, they will alway spin the facts to make their point. if you want the TRUTH you have to find it for youself.
    as for comprehensive sex education, i think it needs to be even more comprehensive and more education, and less sex. we don't need to teach sex to people, we can easily discover what they personally find to be pleasurable and right for us when it comes to sex. the shower thing can be left out, along with the "find the condom" game, we can easily come up with better sex games and activities than that.
    what we need to teach about sex are the FACTS about what sex can do to a person physically, emotionally and mentally. and by FACTS i mean scientificly, socially, and psycologically studied, researched, and proven FACTS. real, concrete, accepted FACTS. with FACTS, people can come to thier own TRUTH.
    with the same set of FACTS, one girl may decide that abstinence is right for her and another might decide that, under the right circumstances, sex is ok for her. and someone else might decide that if she's on the pill and uses a condom every time that she can have with as many people as she wants. none of these conclusions are wrong, and for the individual they are the TRUTH about sex.
    anyone who claims to be telling the TRUTH is just giving you their opinion of the facts. and since you don't know what FACTS they are using, you always need to question someone elses TRUTH. just remeber to always question them with respect for their TRUTH and listen to their FACTS, you never know what you might learn about the world.
    thank you and have a nice day!

  • Christina

    Oh My Goodness. I looked at the site. *SIGH* I do not have an issue with over protective parents. What I have issues with are parents assuming that JUST because a school teaches abstinence only, teens are not going to have sex before getting married. My High School teaches abstinence AND contraceptive measures. Its not like they are handing out condoms, but they aren't saying, "NEVER have sex because you WILL get pregnant/an STD and DIE." (Yup, totaly a movie quote, but I have heard it in a sex ed class before.) My mom, on one hand, is very open and accepts my beliefs on sex and sex ed (but I'm still holding on to my v-card). My dad and grandma… Not so much.
    That website scares me very, very much. Not in an "I hate control way" but the "Holy mother of Mike, these people actualy might stop my from reciving a proper education" way. *SHUDDER*

  • Wolfie

    I agree with Anna. If we want to know more than "wait until you're married" we should have access to a reliable source of information. And if schools won't teach us the full facts, who will?

  • Anna

    That is such bullshit!
    Why shouldn't I be able to choose which sex ed I get? I don't what other people's religious beliefs influencing my education, and my safety.
    It's a good thing I have the internet to find real information, but not everyone has research skills and knows where to find credible information. And not everyone has a computer with internet acsess.

  • Rachel

    Even though she'd break MY legs, my mom is the woman's health director of a regional clinic network, and one of the items on her agenda is to get contraception into highschools (our teen pregnancy rate is ridiculous, and we had a 'pregnancy pact' just like that school in MA) I'll show her the site.

  • bea

    I think its important that parent are involed in their teen's sexual education but lets b honest. Some people are so prude its ridiculous. Sex ed is essential to protecting teens from making bad decisions that could ruin or even end their lives. Who cares about modesty when people are dying because they were either uninformed or misinformed. Teens are going to have sex. If not as teens then at some point in their life. Its important not to condon permiscuity but it is just as important to make sure people know how to protect themselves. Many of the people dying from aids were in monogomous relationship and in some cases, even married.

  • Stephanie

    I don't think that we should even have sex education. I think it should be up to the parents to teach us, if they want us to learn that bad. The school shouldn't teach it. It's wrong, and what they teach is completely ridiculous. It's more like a porn class than it is anything!

  • Jessy,

    I hate over-protective parents.
    They should just leave the sexual education we get up to the govornment, because it seems like they know whats going on in this day and age with teens better than our old-fashioned parents.
    Im infuriated.