Crush, Part Four (The Comic You Control)

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

you voted on part five, and the results are in!
66% said alise should choose aj.
34% said alise should choose katya.

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  • brittanyyXD

    let her keep her popular friends, and dont go with that corey… too many issues+ ur other friend likes him+ he likes that other chicc
    go with the cutiee blondee

  • ., thats what i’m trying 2 say..but still go with A.J..Katya was never been ur friend bcoz if she is she will nver left u..

  • Fira

    oh puh-leasseee!!nobody wants to be katya’s friend,anyway!!

  • Bee

    You know what? Katya does not deserve to have any friends. That was just down-right rude. I mean, she has some galls to actually say “if you drop it now, I’ll still be your friend”.
    She hasn’t even been a friend to Alise, and if she were, I think the situation would have ended it up waaaaay differently.
    I swear, some people.

  • toyin

    alise is wrong for even meetint him because common sense would tell her what he wanted if he said ‘don’t let alise find out.’ but she wasn’t totally in the wrong…she just expressed how she felt for him and they didn’t even do anything yet. so i wouldn’t feel that bad b/c what did she do??? nothing really except talk

  • T

    I agree with packmentality. She should dump them both!

  • Tati

    What about the guy? what a jerk. Do you think he was trying to cheat on her? Obviously he doesn’t like Katya anymore so why doesn’t he just dump her? The way that AJ guy asked her out was pretty sleezy. I don’t think Alise should chose either.

  • Krista

    Omg, Katya is such a MEGA B**TCH! I’d knock that hoe out.