a bigger penis is a better penis…or is it?

A lot of us have the Samantha Jones friend who loves to rave about her wild experiences in bed. Today, you hear how she and her guy did it five times in a row. Yesterday, it was how they had simultaneous orgasms. Tomorrow she might drop a reference to his amazing staying powers. Inevitably, a mention of his large penis, will also be slipped in. I’m beginning to have a sneaky feeling that it’s not just guys who lie about penis size. I think some girls do it, too!

I know that sounds a little off-base. But in a culture that tells us bigger is better, it can almost seem as if a girl had a second rate sexual experience if she hooks-up with someone who is not particularly well-endowed.  I mean a real man should have a big penis, right?

Wrong. Since when did things like sense of humor, personality and intellect connect to the genitals? 

The connection to sex may be a little more direct. But a big penis size does not a good sex partner make. Communication, patience and creativity are a lot more important than being hung like a horse (which would probably be a pretty tricky thing to deal with if it actually happened to some poor fellow…).

Some people do a have a clear preference for a guy with a bigger package,. That’s fine.  Plenty of others just don’t care. That’s fine, too. Some even prefer them small. And yes, that is also A-OK.

Still not convinced? Here are some often overlooked benefits to smaller penises.

  1. Condoms are less likely to pinch or constrict a smaller penis.
  2. Smaller penises can often accommodate a larger variety of sex positions.
  3. For women who experience pain during sex, a smaller penis can feel better.
  4. Smaller penises can make oral and anal more comfortable. 
  5. Smaller penises can be just as attractive to a partner as larger ones.

I’m not telling you to call out your friends on their penis size recollections. But I do think that the obsession with penis size is a little silly. Plenty of people have hot sex with guys who have an average sized penis or a smallish one.  Maybe it’s time to start extolling those virtues as well.

What do you think? Does penis size matter?

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  1. avatarJohn says:

    Men: come on! Let’s STOP thinking / wondering about penis girth and size. Let’s rather think of vagina tightness. Before asking for large penis, women should ask themselves if their vagina is more loose than average. Let’s stop thinking it’s all about penis’ sizes. Because it’s also about vagina tightness. I encourage you girls to read this article:

  2. avatarCarolyn says:

    Well my opinion as a woman who’s a virgin & fairly tight. I’m not so sure I’d want a guy who’s well endowed. Sounds kind of painful. Probably average or a little bigger but not too big.

  3. avatardraco says:

    i have an average sized penis bt have satisfied 11 girls for past 5 years,and they all beg me to struck them coz i know to deal with them,size dsnt matter at all its ur technique and power whch counts

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