Crush, Part Three (The Comic You Control)

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

Art & Story By: Kiki Jones

you voted on part four, and the results are in!
72% said alise should run after the mystery boy.
28% said alise should continue talking to aj

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  • ruffa

    same patricia (kilig din ako) hehe

  • haha..GO GurL!
    but be creful..(kilig aQ!)

  • jjjj

    I bet you anything that guy is obsessed with the guy’s girlfriend that’s why he’s mad and gonna kill himself lmao.

  • Madison

    AJ to me looks a bit like Sonic the Hedgehog….weird…………

  • Jessica

    LOL @ “CRASH thud thud thud”!

  • lol, I think emo kid is Slide’d stalker, but seriously is it just me or does AJ look like a girl in the last scene?

  • lool ;D

    oooo exciting!! ;D i cant wait for the nxt one. i think that alise shuld date a.j for a bit , but the realise what a ‘jerk’ he is nd break up with him. so then everyone hates him [MUAAHHAHA!] nd alise runs off to the totally hot ’emo’ guy nd they become the prefect couple! oh. nd katya nd alise rnt frends anymore. alise finds sum new better ones. ;D

  • alondrah

    this is a cut comic, i just started reading it x]
    i hope she falls for the guy with the lip stud
    he sounds better than the AJ dude <.

  • Azalea Montenegro

    AJ really reminds me of the typical douche bag scene kid. Who everyone thinks is so cool and cute but in the end, he turns out to be a jerk. I agree with most, she does deserve better. Looks arent always everything. I mean yeah he’s hot but thats so artifical/superficial as well. When will she realize? That Emo guy was extremly adorable. . . i feel bad for him. She should give AJ all the right signals, then turn down AJ and fall for the other dude in time ;]

  • Cool

    OMG!Great comix!
    More More More plzzzz!
    Also I for one think that she should gor for it.Katya is no friend so why not?and it would make the cmiz more interesting.As for the Emo kid,lets say hes just spying on Alise and AJ for Katya,and Katya is making a plan to hurt her for going out with him……..or something like that!Just make more comix!!I CAN READ THEM ALL DAY!

  • demonicplague

    omg go after the emo dude
    he was hott!!!!!!
    and he had a lip ring!!!
    actually she should just leave him alone so i can have him!!! lolz

  • peachez

    i think she should sneek around with aj and then get pregnant by him!!! then katya finds out about it and so does aj then he dosent want to take care of it …then the emo dude ends up takin care of it