i have been thinking about smoking pot with my friends

dear heather,

I have been thinking about smoking pot with my friends. If I just try it once, and do it once in a while with my friends, could I become addicted? How long are you high for? Would people notice if I was high?

The length of time someone will remain high is hard to predict–it depends on your body metabolism, the strength of the marijuana, and other factors. However, people usually report that their marijuana high lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.It may be possible for you to hide the fact that you are high by trying to “hold it together” when you are around your parents or teachers, but there is no guarantee that they won’t notice the typical signs–bloodshot eyes, frequent laughter, and an all-around change in behavior.

You’ve probably heard your friends describe the pleasurable feelings they experience when getting high, or thought it looked like fun, but it’s probably best for you to get the other side of the story before you make the decision.

Pot is potentially addictive. Whether you become addicted or not depends on a variety of factors, so it’s often not predictable who will and will not become dependent. Some people are able to smoke once in a blue moon and others feel compelled to smoke every few hours.

You should also be aware of the not-so-pleasant side effects. Some people experience a feeling of anxiety or paranoia when high. Some–especially those who smoke a lot–tend to withdraw socially, have trouble concentrating, or feel a general lack of motivation. And, as with any type of smoking, taking and holding smoke in your lungs may put you at increased risk for lung cancer.

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  • takerra

    i say just try it but make sure your around people you absoulutely trust . and its a fun experience people react to it differently you might love it or absolutely hate it you might gain weight lol from munchies hahah and everything really does taset ALOT better you have a different outlook on life a tree might look pointless when sober but when high its the best thing in the world lol experimenting is good sometimes

  • luvli

    my dad did it. it can cost u many relationships!

  • Guerrita

    ,, i say do it theres nothing wrong with smoking weed i smoke it almost everyday,, people say it can be addicting but i can stop anytime i just choose not to because its not a bad drug,, some people take the high different ways,, some people can get high very easily "light weights" and the high lasts about 30 mins depending how long you smoke and how much,, so i say go for it theres nothing wrong with it,, and by the way youll get the munchies,, thats a kool part because you get to eat and everything tastes bomb!!!@!!!!!!