studies confirm: more sex ed equals less sex

Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite class? Math? French? Art? Sex ed?

I can handle it if it’s not sex ed. Partly because I know not everyone digs the same thing. And partly because a recent study reports that comprehensive sex education has real results. That’s true whether or not you’re crazy about the class. The two main results?

1) Teens who take sex ed have sex later.

2)Those who do have sex are more likely to use condoms and birth control.

This might not be news to you. Studies have been finding similar things for years. But when it comes to this topic, you just can’t hear it enough.

Everyone knows that English is fundamental. People don’t really question the importance of math. It’s pretty easy to make a case for things like gym and art. But unlike these subjects, sex ed is regularly under attack. So having ammunition to fight criticism is crucial. And, in this arena, the best ammunition is indisputable fact.

The more proof we have that sex ed is doing something positive, the less likely it will be to go the way of the becoming something only your parents remember from their school days.

What do you think?

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  • sarah

    My favorite class is theatre arts. But lol not important.
    We're about to start the sex ed part of health, and it's abstinence only. Thank god for the sex ed blog, because it's the only thing that teaches me and a lot of other gURLs the real stuff. Things like condoms, birth control… etc.

  • casey

    i look forward to sex ed, partly because of the fantasticly 90's videos we watch with titles like "raging teens" and "the teen files", partly because i enjoy awkward situations, but mostly because i think its a seriously important topic for teens to discuss with adults and each other. the only way to go about sex education, in my opinion, is comprehensive education that gives people safe options for their lives whether or not they are actually having sex or just having questions about sex.

  • caitlin

    My teachers skip over the chapters in my science textbooks about sex, and we were supposed to have sex ed in 5th grade, but the nurse "forgot" to schedule the person to come over.I don't believe that anymore because they haven't had sex ed since. The nun who runs my school dismisses it everytime a parent brings it up. Thank God for, this sex ed blog really helps.

  • crazy witch

    Our sex ed was abstinence education week in a semester health class, and a lot of students didn't take it seriously. It was kind of funny, though, because when they handed out the cards and spoke about abstinence, two girls in the class were expecting (and showing.) It wasn't the best course they could have done; they didn't teach about the reproductive system or anything else, just STDs and abstinence.

  • Rita

    I don't have sex ed, but the sciences classes were we talk about, well… sex ed, are ones of my favorite, right after English. 😀