Sparrow’s Song, Part Two

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

Art & Story By: Rachel Nabors

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  • Mo

    hmmph… im kinda just like sparrrow….

  • Normally I adore Rachel (and I loved her when I was a teen, too!), but this upsets me. I’ve never been able to bring myself to like this comic.
    I’ve slept with guys outside of relationships before. I once found myself hanging on to nothing in hopes that he would stay, or be my boyfriend again. I was called a slut, a whore, you name it, there I was. That started at fourteen (before I was sexually active!). I’m twenty-one now, and I refuse to use either of those words. Clearly all of this makes me not worth compassion or sympathy when someone hurts me.
    Sparrow was still hurt. She still had feelings for someone who used her. No matter how you paint it, this is lack of compassion and lack of understanding, and quite frankly I’m appalled.
    I think the best way to sum up how I feel is this:

  • catherine21

    yeah.that happen to me before with the guy i was with but then i realize that its not working and i should get over the fact that hes not going to love me…i dont know about the whole bird thing

  • lashawnh

    i think sparrow is a very good person its judgemental to call her a slut or whore [which ever u wish]. but i think she is goin thur sum dat she needs to realize [and i think she already does] and just think about it. SHE KNOWS WAT TO DO!!>!>>

  • veronica

    i think the problem here is that everybody is to close minded. when debating i learn that to be a good debate person you must see every point of perspective and respect that. what i get out of the comic is that every girl must have some sense of worth. and unfortunately this happens often. some girls just depend too much on a guy, they expect to keep them by laying down with them. most of women i taken or aren’t seen as something serious neither respected because they accept this kind of behavior from the guy they are going out with. i agree people have the lifestyle they want but at least keep in mind to have some dignity and self-respect. i there are other ways to make a guy love you other then just having sex with them. and if they don’t love you or seem not to react then move on, because they don’t realize what they are missing.kind of sad, but that’s how we all learn, from experience.if things went good then be happy and consider yourself lucky.

  • 8-)tallymarie(-8

    I feel so sorry for sparrow! I know a girl like this and it is one of the saddest things…I mean…I used to be jealous but this comic made me glad to be a single virgen…you see…i break up with guys when they don’t treat me right, i will only go out and sleep with the right guy, someone I KNOW will never leave me. And by the way, bella, I think rachels’ point is that ou souldn’t just sleep with anyone, and you should only be with guys who treat you right…not that you are a whore if you have sex b4 marriage.
    Also…plz ppl stop being so hatin’ towards the author of this comic. I hate when ppl get so…overly judgemental just becuz they disagree with a certain opinion or idea! Plz stop!!!

  • Eunju8

    Look in general the point is that Sparrow gives and thinks that this will make her feel loved etc. but because of that the guy thinks she has no standards and thus does what he wants and eventually leaves her ( I don’t know just guessing). anyway it’s just saying you shouldn’t do whatever the guy wants to be loved. The point is to have some standards so that the guy respects you and treats you like a person and not some sort of fuck toy. Got it? Besides if you look at other comics with Sparrow she is shallow and what have you and even tries to break Rachel’s new boyfriend so it’s somewhat expected. Besides this is sadly how some girls think and she’s just showing you how SOME girls act. This is just an extreme you know not actual so take a breath and relax 🙂 please.

  • @

    What’s this with the whole Rachel for abstinance thing? Where did this come from?

  • omgitsweetea

    sparrow is just a lost and confused girl
    she has to find out what is more to her
    love or just bieng used?
    and then maybe she wont get hurt.

  • elizaborden

    Bella you may have something here. For cripes sake! how the fuck does Rachel know if Sparrow’s had sex anyway? if she’s had sex with every fucking guy she’s dated? what does she stand out the fucking window with a fucking camera and take pictures like a god damned jealous whore?! what the hell is wrong with Rachel?!

  • BellaDrake

    why is it in every one of Rachel’s stories girls who have sex before marriage are shown as whores? what the fuck? what are they evil because they fucking shown their only human? it seems more like she’s acting like a fucking Feminazi than anything else. for crying out loud she’s making sparrow evil so that she seems like the ‘innocent,pure and sweet’ character in her fucking lame ass stories.

  • Jaqui

    Okay, as far as people wanting this to have a happy ending, Rachel-Sama’s right–it’s not gonna have one, because girls like Sparrow rarely change. I mean, I know a few might, but it’s sad but true–….and I hope Sparrow really changes her way. Like, she needs to be independant and say “HEY WORLD, I DON’T NEED A MAN TO MAKE ME HAPPY!”

  • arielle

    I’m not calling no one that does this a slut but in this case i have to say that sparrow is a dirty whore. I’m only saying that because she is staying with a guy that only wants her for sex and he isn’t ready for a committed relationship shes dumb 2 who in there right mind would do that would you i don’t think so!!she wants to have a title with him but the more she has sex with him the more hes not going to want to put a title on their relationship. now he only sees sparrow as pretty much a booty call (lol)but its a great comic and I totally understand it! THX RACHEL!!!!!

  • Christina

    for all those people who read this and think someone is a whore for siding with sparrow, or those people who are offended for rachel being “against sex” here is something to think about. first off the Sparrow thing, i do feel sorry for her and I am far from a whore or slut since the one I lost it to is also the one i am going to marry (there is a date AND a ring on my finger). She has low self esteem, and girls who do have sex with no official title do it in the hopes that something will happen (like sparrow in the comic). i am not saying it is right and that is where rachel comes in. She is sending the CLEAR message that you need to treat your body like a temple or treat your body with respect. Because if you don’t there is the chance of geting an STD or getting pregnant not knowing who the father is or the father not wanting anything to do with you or the baby. Or simply having your heart broken when it never had to be in the first place. Opening your heart out like that is dangerious and you need to be careful who you open it too.

  • Jimmy_cudo

    wow, sad comic but that’s what you get when you just give yourself to guys so easily without both being clear about what the “relationship” is or is not.

  • Rosieee

    this is a sad comment strip
    touching really

  • Adamant1

    Actually, people like sparrow can be just as hurtful to guys. One of my friends found a girl like sparrow, and actually did fall for her. They banged a whole lot, and confessed their love to each other in front of everybody fairly constantly. When she moved on to college she broke it off and my bro was left hanging. I suppose ironically in this story sparrow is actually a “nice girl”, had she of found somebody like my friend Jon those two idiots’d probably still be together.

  • melanie

    look Sparroew is really feeling lonely if you want love that bad SEX IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if sparrow reallly wants love she can find it somewhere else