abuse: another reason teen girls are getting pregnant

For a number of years, I worked with teens in the Bronx. One of these was a girl named Gina. When I met Gina, she was a very pregnant high school junior. By the time I left the job she was the mother to two children. She was also missing a front tooth, thanks to Rich, father of the second. This guy, like the majority of men who father teens’ babies, was a whole lot older than Gina.

When Gina told me that she was pregnant again, I asked what she wanted to do. “Well,” she said. “I was thinking I’d get an abortion. But Rich said he’d kill me if I did.” When I tried to prod in true teacher fashion (How did this happen? Why didn’t you use a condom or take EC?), it slowly came out that the pregnancy wasn’t an accident. Gina’s boyfriend had forbidden birth control. He wanted her to get pregnant.

Disturbingly, this isn’t an isolated incident. A recent issue of the journal Ambulatory Pediatrics, published a study of teen girls involved in abusive relationships. It found that a quarter of them said their partners were actively trying to get them pregnant.

So why would a guy do this? Here are a few reasons:

  • For power and control.
  • To prove his masculinity.
  • To create a bond with a girl that will be hard for her to break.

This is a pretty disturbing situation, and one that definitely needs a lot more attention. Girls like Gina have enough on their plates without adding motherhood to the mix. Don’t you agree?

If you are the victim of domestic violence you can check out the National Teen Dating Abuse website. You can also check out our Relationships Resource list or read our spotlight on a Teen Crisis Counselor.

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  • sophie

    poor gina its bad enough being in a abusive relationship when he forces his self on her but to be carrying his baby thats retty sad i feel really sorry for her guys like that shouldnt be about.

  • Dani

    I think after the first guy got her pregnant she was trying to get back on her feet and figured that the guy who got her pregnant the second time would help her but some girls are so naive they cant see the things that a guy is doing to her until its too late and she thinks she cant get out of it. When you get pregnant and a person threatens you or your baby some girls will tell him to get his ass out of her face or he wont ever see his baby but some girls arent that brave.

  • happy tears

    Well I see this same situation seeing that I once too was in a disturbing relationship. But I was a teen and decided to go to job corp to change my situation. I had no where to go but my boyfriends house so i made my own path. I mean I am still the mother of his child but as for the abuse I am the boss now. I chose to speak up and put legal force in between even a peep out of his mouth that i feel is ignorant I let him know 911 is on speed dial.

  • lauren

    to suze, she didn't "let" this happen her boyfriend was abusive- most girls in that situation CANT get out of it even if they know its bad- her boyfriend probably did it by force.. cut the poor girl some slack- atleast she got some help.

  • quaya

    Listen I do believe that gina is going through a lot but people have to understand that women go through this all the time and some of them don't want help becuase they don't believe that anything is wrong with what they do so if you can't help them leave them be!!

  • suze

    It's partly her fault, she let it happen.

  • Shannon

    i feel so soory for gina, she should not have to go through that, and rich should be ashamed

  • elizabeth

    ok that is horrible! i feel so sad for her and i hope she is ok or will be soon