is there a way to have an abortion without my parents knowing?

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Is there a way to have an abortion without my parents knowing?

The laws on parental notification in the case of minors seeking abortions vary from state to state. Many states require parental notification, and roughly half require parental consent by one or both parents.Certain states may allow teens to bypass these requirements by appearing in front of a judge who determines whether that person is mentally “fit” to make the decision. However, many girls find this highly intrusive, as the judge usually asks fairly personal questions, and may take the opportunity to chastise a teen for her choices.

You might want to try calling Planned Parenthood to get the details on your state requirements. You can find a location in your state by visiting and using their clinic locater.

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  • Emma

    Another thing u can do is sit your parents down at your kitchen table you can have a dear friend with you to give u courage or go solo and tell them they may be mad and if anything gets violent leave but ask your parents for help they may know something better than abortian